Dollar Store Witch into a Spooky Tree

Dollar Store Witch into a Spooky Tree - FeaturedImage

The Hubs and I have been working on our first Halloween/Fall Dioramas. His is a spooky Halloween themed, and mine is more of a Fall theme. There’s a contest at his office next week, where they will pick the best pumpkin diorama, so I can’t share them yet. But be on the look out for the reveal later next week. In the meantime, I wanted to share a super easy DIY project where I turned a Dollar Store Witch into a Spooky Tree. 

The hubs wanted a sound effect for his diorama. After looking everywhere and coming up empty-handed, I decided a trip to the dollar store was needed. That’s when I found the motion/sound effect witch. We needed the motion/sound effect but the witch wouldn’t fit into his scene. I thought of removing the guts and using them only when the spooky tree popped into my head. The spooky tree would be perfect for his theme, now all I had to do was create it. Here’s what it looked like before the magic.

Dollar Store Witch into a Spooky Tree - Witch

Dollar Store Witch into a Spooky Tree

The first thought I had was wrapping the witch in cardboard and then painting a tree. I actually started off with that idea first. After wrapping witch, painting the tree I thought that adding a few dead tree branches would be cool. So off to the backyard I went. While I was looking for the branches, I came across some bark from the tree. That’s when it hit me that I could really make the tree realistic by using tree bark.

We have a few large round tree stumps we had planned to use during the cold winter nights here in Florida *LOL* All joking aside we do get maybe one or two nights we can use the fireplace. Anyways they had the perfect layer of bark and would help make a great spooky tree.

Dollar Store Witch into a Spooky Tree – Howto

Basic items needed:

Witch from Dollar Store (they had a ghost too)
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Brown Paint & Paint Brush
Tree Bark


Using the tree bark you’re going to start adding pieces to the witch, I started with the front lower area first. I did this area first because I wanted to make sure I left the sensor free from bark. That’s the important part and main reason for the craft.

I just kept adding more bark pieces until the witch was fully covered. I also left a slight crack down the front, as well as leaving her face and hands uncovered. This way you’ll get a little bit of the light effect through the crack, and it’ looks like the tree grew around someone.

I was super pleased with how the tree turned out! What do you think?

Dollar Store Witch into a Spooky Tree - Finished Tree

Dollar Store Witch into a Spooky Tree

This Dollar Store Witch into a Spooky Tree DIY project took about 2 hours start to finish. That also includes the time I spent creating it with my first idea. They have tons of things at the Dollar Store that make for great starting points on DIY craft projects. You’ve just got to come up with the idea and have a general thought of what you’re looking for.

I try to make a trip to the Dollar Store at the start of each holiday, this helps with some of my holiday crafting plans. There are times when I’ve seen things I like and I’ll buy them before I have a real plan, and that’s ok too! I mean all us crafters are hoarders too… right? *Smiles*

I have a few more Dollar Store crafts planned for Fall & Thanksgiving. I am also working on some faith-related crafts too! So grab a cup of coffee and get comfy crafting season has only just begun. Be sure to follow DebbiesMusing on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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