DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial includes Unicorn Template

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial - Unicorn Hair Bow 3

Kayden and Izzy love unicorns! They are girly girls with a touch of tomboy in them, that’s ok with me it reminds me of how I was when I was a little girl. I loved my barbie’s, but my tree climbing too! Anyways for a couple of weeks, I’ve been looking for a good unicorn pattern that I could use to make them a unicorn hair bow. I finally found one yesterday. Yippie! The pattern is included in my DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial below.

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial - Unicorn Hair Bow

Isn’t it super cute? After I finished it I had some other ideas and think I’ll make them each one more.

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial – Materials Needed

Materials Needed:
Felt Various Colors
Googly Eyes
Glue Gun & Glue
Thread & Needle or Embroidery Thread
Cotton Balls or Pillow Stuffing
Unicorn Template
Printer or Cricut Machine

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial – Instructions

Print the Unicorn Template or load the image in Cricut Design Space. If you’re using Design Space you’ll need to remove the background with the magic wand.
Cut 2 Unicorn heads out of felt. Using your choice of color or white like I did.
Cut the pieces for the mane, I didn’t include the template for this, as you may have a better idea.
Set one of the unicorn pieces aside. Glue the mane pieces onto the piece you’re working on.
Glue the googly eye on, then add the little black nostril part to the snout. I used black embroidery thread.
Next, you’ll lay the unicorn piece you’ve just worked on, on top of the unicorn piece you set aside. It’s time to stuff and stitch.

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial - Unicorn Hair Bow 3

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial – Stuffing & Stitching

Stuffing and Stitching:
Starting at the lower edge closest to the mane, do a loop around type stitch. I used a shiny metallic colored embroidery thread for the stitching.
Continue stitching until you reach the unicorn horn.
Stuff the lower part and snout of the unicorn, then stitch the mane area. Add more stuffing as you stitch if needed.
Now that you’ve stitched and stuffed the unicorn, you can add the embellishments. I added some sequins to the upper layer of the mane using my glue gun, then I put some beads on top of them.

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial – Finishing Touches

Finishing touches:
Using the same shiny thread I stitched the unicorn horn together. I then stitched around the horn in a spiral direction. See the first image of the article for a visual of what I mean.
I wanted to give the unicorn a little bit more bling, so I added sequins and beads around the bottom of the horn.
Turn the unicorn over to the back and glue in place the hair clip or an elastic hair tie. After it’s set a minute take a piece of the same colored felt as your unicorn and cover the metal piece of the elastic tie. (if you used an elastic tie like I did)

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial - Unicorn Hair Bow 2

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial – Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve made both the girls a unicorn hair bow, I have come up with some other ideas. Instead of using felt for the mane I think it’d be pretty with ribbon curled. Maybe the next one I’ll stitch on the sequins and beads instead of gluing them on.

Kayden loved hers and I haven’t shown Izzy’s hers yet. I also made them the pretty pinwheel hair bows showed in the image above. I’ll share the tutorial on those later in the week. I’ve shared a few DIY Hair Bows recently and will be creating more. I’ve also started working on some videos. I get a bit camera-shy so it’s a work in progress. You can now subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

DIY Unicorn Hair Bow Tutorial - Unicorn Hair Bow 1

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