DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts – Happy Birthday Kev!

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts - Card

It was the Hub’s birthday on the 8th, and I wanted to make him feel special and appreciated. I’ve been working on some DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts for him for almost 2 weeks. You see we’ve been married for almost 13 yrs. (March is our anniversary) and honestly we practically have everything we could possibly want. I mean a new boat or a pretty little red sports car in the driveway would be cool. But as for everyday things and realistic birthday gifts, it’s nearly impossible to find something he doesn’t already have. With that being said I decided I’d put together a few things I though he’d like.

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts – The Birthday Card

Honestly I really don’t know what’s happening to me. Probably old age!! I love the Hub’s with all of me, I’d walk through hot coals to get to him. You’re getting the picture right? Well for good measure I’ll throw in I adore this man, he’s my rock, my best friend and the one person I’ve always… always been able to count on! Aaw how cute right? I know this tough woman has a mushy side many don’t know about. Anyways. . .

As much as I love him I am not paying $7.50 for a card that he’ll read, prop up on the counter and forget about. It’s something that us women had face a long time ago. These little things just don’t mean as much to them as they do to us. Which we’ve all probably gotten used to by now. My first task would be making a card.

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts – Manly Homemade Birthday Card

The hub’s love golf, and if I’d agree to it we’d probably have a putting green in our living room. I wanted to stick to a golf theme this year. Last year I did a Steelers theme, he’s a big Steelers fan too! If you been reading my blog for a while now you probably already know that I got a Cricut Explore Air 2 for Christmas. This baby came in handy for all the birthday gifts I made. If you have been thinking about getting one, I can honestly say it’s well worth the investment! Ok back to the card!

I found a 3D golf cart card in one of the many crafting groups I belong too. I knew I had to make it, and he’d probably like too! The files I used to make the card came from SVG Cuts, it was called the Father’s Day Box Cards. It didn’t turn out to bad, and he actually put it in his laptop bag to take to work. So major score on the card!

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts - Card

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts – Thermo Mug for his morning shakes

We have been drinking protein shakes in the mornings, and I’ve been sending my Ninja shake containers with him. I know if one of them gets lost/broken etc. it’s probably going to be costly to replace it. Plus they aren’t thermal so I’ve wonder how long his shake stayed cold. Anyways all that led to the Thermo Mug gift idea.

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts - Golf Saying Thermo Mug

I bought the Bubba thermos mug at the store and then added the ‘I love it when my wife let’s me golf” saying to it using my Cricut. There is a joke between him and I. When one of the guys asks him to golf he always texts me and sees if I am ok with it. So the mug was perfect!

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts – I need Coffee Mug

I broke his favorite coffee mug several months ago, and hadn’t been able to find one to replace it. Every time I am out shopping I look for a new mug. Luck was in my court because I finally found a replacement mug.

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts – Candy gram

I have been seeing a lot of these candy grams on Pinterest, mostly geared toward Valentine’s Day. If you really put some thought into it, you could make a card using few words and tons of candy. I did try to put most of his favorite candies on it. I might have added a couple of mine too! Shhh don’t tell him.

You can use a poster board which costs around 69 cents at Walmart. I ended up getting a project board like the ones you’d use for a science fair project. It only cost 20 cents more than the poster board and it’s self-supporting. So if you’re looking for something that can stand on its own that’s the route to go.

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts - Candy Gram

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts – Balloons in the entry way

I originally wanted to put balloons in his car, so when he got in to go to work he had to deal with some 40++ balloons. Just like my luck the night before I wasn’t feeling well. So that blew that idea out the window. I wasn’t about to give up on using tons of balloons thou! Nope not this girl, once I have my mind-set not much can budge me.

After thinking how I could still use the balloons, I decided I’d blow up 75 balloons and hang them in the entryway. It would be fun opening the door to walk into your house and run into 75 balloons. . . Right? *smiles* So I blew up balloons after balloons and started hanging them. I also had streamers and shiny stars to add to them.

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts -45+ balloons hung in the doorway

DIY thoughtful Birthday Gifts – the fall

Apparently 50 balloons was all the balloon gods were going to allow me to use. Some how and for the life of me I still don’t know how it happened. But as I was hanging up another strand of streamers and balloons, the stool tumbled over and I crashed to the ground with it.

Thank goodness nothing was broken, only a bruised up knee/shin, and I did something to my toes too! Bruised and swollen I can handle broken bones was not welcomed. I do believe that the stool might have hit the side of my face. It’s been hurting for two days now, and more than likely I’ll end up with a nice bruise.

I confess that the stool I am speaking of wasn’t a “steep stool” the type of stool I should have been using. But it’s more like a bar stool without the back. Don’t worry I was scolded plenty throughout the night and the next day. I was also reminded more than once that I wasn’t a spring chicken any more. Huh? What? Well this woman will be climbing ladders, crawling in the attic and using bar stools as a step stool for a few more years!

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts
Dinner and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

I made lasagna, fresh garlic bread and baked a 12″ chocolate chip cookie cake. It all turned out delicious and even the girls ate without any complaints. I guess they really wanted to eat cake! *smiles* I might have already warned them, they had to behave, and eat all their food or no cake.

Closing thoughts

You don’t have to spend tons of money to make someone feel appreciated and special. When the person you’re trying to buy for has everything, think of things that they’d never be able to ask for. Instead of buying an expensive store-bought card, make one.

I realized that he appreciated the night more than I thought he would. So even if you think what you’re doing is cheesy or meaningless, or not good enough. You’d be surprised to actually see the reactions later.

DIY Thoughtful Birthday Gifts - All the Gifts


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