Springtime Craft- DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration

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The other day I was looking on Pinterest for some ideas on organizing my war binder/planner area. I came across a lady that had all her washi tape in a pretty shabby chic decorated bird cage. Well, you can say that started my mission to make my own pretty birdcage. With that being said I am here to share a Springtime craft of my DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration. Look at how pretty it turned out.

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration

This is a Cricut craft project and all the file links will be included below. You’ll also need Cricut Access to be able to get the files. The Birdcage and the embellishments are separate cutting files. The reason I did it this way is that if your file is too large it crashes the Cricut Design Space program. I am the queen of crashing design space but have since learned my lesson.

I am sure you can make this without a Cricut machine by printing all the templates, tracing them onto cardstock then hand cutting them. It’s a bit more work but totally worth it. Anyways the instructions will be for the Cricut version. By the way, if you like this project you may want to have a look at some of the other Cricut projects I’ve shared.

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration

Items needed:

Cricut Machine
Cricut Spatula Tool
Cricut Scoring Tool
Tweezers or Pencil
Glue Stick or Mod Podge, or Liquid Craft Glue
Baby Wipes or Craft Cleaning Rags (helps to get the stickiness off your fingers)

Card Stock Needed:

10- 12″x 12″ or 12- 8″ x 11″
1- 8″ x 11″ Decorative Paper (for inside of Birdcage)

Flowers, Butterfly, and Leaves
8″ x 11″ Salmon Pink as well as an 8″ x 11″ Melon Orange
6″ x 6″ Dark Shade Green as well as a 6″ x 6″ Light Shade of Green

Edges, Stemmed Flowers
2- 8″ x 11″ White as well as 2- 8″ x 11″ Melon Orange
4- 8″ x 11″ Green
1- 12″ x 12″ Decorative Paper

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration


Cut all your pieces using the following files.
Birdcage (Pink piece will be cut on the decorative paper)
Flowers, Butterfly, and Leaves
Edges, Stemmed Flowers (Edges will be cut on the decorative paper)

Once you’ve gotten all the pieces cut set aside the decorative edge pieces, you cut from the decorative paper. Then you can put the flowers, the stemmed flower pieces, and butterfly together. This is a little time-consuming. But you’ll be happy with the end result, trust me.

Putting the Flowers, Butterfly and Stemmed Flowers Together

Flowers: I combined the two different color pieces ie: the large pink piece with the medium melon piece and small pink centerpiece. You can do them all one color or as I did with mine.

Basically, take a large piece, add some glue to the center area, and attach the medium piece. Then do the same process to add the small piece. Turn the flower over and add a leaf. Continue this process until all your flowers are made. You’ll have extra pieces.

Butterfly: Put some glue in the center of one of the pieces. Place the other piece on top securing the two pieces in the middle. Lift wings of the top butterfly piece.

Stemmed Flowers: Take a green piece add glue to it, then lay either an melon or white piece on top of it aligning edges etc. Continue this process until you have all of them made. Add the extra flower pieces to the stems in various locations.

Bottom Pieces with Slits: Glue the decorative piece of paper to the cardstock piece. Make sure you align the slits or you’ll have a hard time later getting the tabs to fit properly.

After all the flowers and accessories pieces are put together, using a pencil curl up some of the flower edges. You can also bend the leaves at the center. Then it’s time to move on to building the birdcage.

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration
The Birdcage Pieces – 18 total pieces

Pieces 1 & 2 – Two curves pieces with a line of holes along the bottom edge are for the top front & back upper area.
Piece 3 & 4 – Two pieces with slants and a line of holes along one edge are for the upper side area.
Pieces 5 & 6 – Two narrower pieces with little tabs along the lower edge these are the bottom side pieces of the birdcage.
Piece 7 & 8 – Two wider pieces with tabs, the front is the piece with the little cutout window and the other is the back.
Pieces 9 through 12 – Four pieces with holes in them, make up the upper stabilization pieces.
Piece 13 – This piece has scorelines as well as the holes.
Part 14 – The piece with a loop is the birdcage hanger.
Piece 15 – There is also a bird swing piece which I didn’t add to mine.
Pieces 16 through 17 – Square pieces with the slits is the inside floor area. You’ll have one in cardstock and one cut from decorative paper.
Part 18 – A solid square piece for the outside floor area which, is used to cover all the tabs from putting the cage together.

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration - Back

Building the Birdcage – Upper Part

It’s best to start with the upper pieces first. Start with pieces 13 and 14 from the list above. Put glue on the inside of piece 14 and fold in half at the scoreline, securing the two pieces together. Then slide it through the bottom of piece 13. Set aside to dry.

You’ll need pieces 1 through 4 as well as the piece you built above for the next part. You’ll notice on these pieces there are little tiny tabs. They are for securing the pieces together. Take the hanger piece and pieces 3 & 4 align the holes on the hanger piece with piece 3 and secure on the inside of the hanger piece with glue. Take piece 4 and secure to the other inside of the hanger piece.

Building the Birdcage – Upper Part Cont.

Take pieces 1 & 2 and secure them with glue to the front and back of the hanger at the larger center tabs. Then fold the tiny tabs on all the pieces inward. Add a dab of glue and secure pieces 1 & 2 to pieces 3 & 4 at the tabs. As you secure each tab to the other piece you’ll notice that the upper sides start to form the curved shape of pieces 1 & 2.

This was a bit tricky for me because each time I got a tab secure and, moved to the next, the previous one would come loose. I think it worked best when I used the glue stick for this area. But that made it a bit messier. Set aside to dry a bit. Get up and grab a water, and use the lady’s room.

Building the Birdcage – Lower Part

Phew! I warned you from the start this was going to be time-consuming. But we are in the home stretch promise. Well, let’s get back to crafting, shall we?

You’ll need pieces 5 & 6 as well as 7 & 8, using pieces 5 & 6 secure them to the inside upper side pieces with glue, at the straight edges. The little tabs will be facing downward. Then secure piece 7 to the front of the upper piece the same way as you did pieces 5 & 6. Do the same for the back piece. Fold all the lower tabs inward.

Take pieces 9 through 12 and glue them to the upper lower edges of the birdcage, making sure you’re aligning the holes. You’ll add one piece to each side.

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration - Side

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration
Decorating the Birdcage

Take the decorative pieces and glue them in the birdcage front, both sides, and back over the areas with the holes. You’re also going to add strips to the lower inside edge of the birdcage with the decorative side facing out. I added them to the edge of the hanger piece too.

Using the stemmed flowers, weave them through the sides of the birdcage. Once you’ve got them in the place you want them, secure them in place with glue.  Add flowers to the upper corner front edges, and the butterfly near the opening on the front of the cage. Secure everything in place with glue. (See above image)

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration
Adding the Birdcage Bottom

Take the floor piece with the decorative side up and insert the tabs of the birdcage into them. Fold the tabs downward against the cardstock and secure them with tape. Make sure you get all the tabs secured or you’ll have issues later with your birdcage staying together.

Take piece 18 and glue it to the bottom of the floor piece. Make sure you add enough glue so that the two pieces are secured together good.

I added a piece of the decorative edge along the bottom of my birdcage. I glued the top to the lower edge of the birdcage and the bottom edge to the floor.  This helped with securing the bottom piece with actual cage.

DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration

I know that this craft seems like a lot, but I want to give good directions. When I was putting mine together I didn’t have any directions and sort of winged it. Hopefully, this helps others with putting it together.

I enjoyed making this craft and I am still uncertain as to where I’ll hang it. I started off making this because I inspired by something on Pinterest. This ended up not having the proper opening for me to use as a desk accessory to hold my washi tape. I found another cage that I think will work thou, so be on the lookout for that article.

If you’ve enjoyed learning how to make my DIY Spring Birdcage Decoration and If you aren’t already following me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram I’d like to invite you to do so now. I have tons more Springtime crafts coming.









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