DIY Positive Faith Related Wall Art

DIY Positive Faith Related Wall Art - War Room

I’ve been super busy these past couple weeks, it’s fall and I think I am like a bear I have to have things ready for the winter. One of my projects on my to-do list was to add positive wall art to the craft room/war room. I have been waiting for the right verse to jump out at me and it finally happened over the weekend. I was so excited to finally have a verse to work with and created a super easy DIY Positive Faith Related Wall Art that I think you’all will enjoy. What do you all think?

DIY Positive Faith Related Wall Art - Bible Study Area

This is a super easy project I created with a $5 wood pallet frame from Walmart, and letters and flowers cut with my Cricut machine. I have the letters and roses available if anyone is interested, just send me an email. You can create this project yourself with a frame you have laying around the house. Add a pretty background and hand write the verse, and add some pretty pictures.

If you have a Cricut and want to create the roses, while in Cricut Access look for 3D roses and pick the one you like. You can use any text you like to create the lettering for your verse. I do suggest if you plan to cut them and not write them to make sure you’re using a font that is for cutting. Some fonts work better for writing and others are better for cutting.

DIY Positive Faith Related Wall Art – Like Mine

Items Needed: 
$5 wooden pallet frame (I got mine from Walmart)
Paint & Brush
Mod Podge & Paint Brush
Circut Machine
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Colored Cardstock

Paint your pallet the desired colored paint. Create in Cricut Design Space 6 small roses, 4 – 3 leaved leafs and letters for the verse your using, assemble the roses. Once your frame is dry, lay the letters on top of it to get a feel of how/where you want them. When you’ve decided you’ve got them in the right location.

Slide each word over and use your Mod Podge brush to apply a layer of Mod Podge, then put the letters back in place. Do this until all your letters are tacked down with Mod Podge. Next apply another coat of Mod Podge over the entire surface of the frame, making sure you get a good amount around and over your letters. Let dry.

DIY Positive Faith Related Wall Art - Finished

DIY Positive Faith Related Wall Art – Finishing up

Now it’s time to add your roses, I hot glued 3 roses with 2 leaves in the upper left and lower right corners of mine. You can put them on each corner, but I didn’t want mine to look too busy. I also wanted the verse to be the focus point. Once you’ve gotten the roses and leaves in place it’s time to enjoy your beautiful piece of art.

This was an easy project and can be created in an afternoon, while the Hubs is watching football. It’s also affordable and won’t break the bank. Even better if you have old frames laying around. Also, check your closets and craft room drawers, you never know what you’ll find. Something may pop out at you and inspire you to create!

Be sure you come back often! Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest just search DebbiesMusings and follow along. I will be sharing loads more faith-related crafts, Christmas crafts I am currently working on another Dollar Store craft. I also have some more delicious recipes to share like my Apple Crisp Dessert

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