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DIY Planner Accessories - Debbie's Musings

Remember my Crafting Space Update – Planner Love article? If you don’t or haven’t read it head over and have a peek. Or you can stick around here and I’ll explain a little bit about it. Basically I confess to my obsession of planners, journals and how I’ve rearranged my crafting space to make room for this obsession. Are you obsessed with your planner? Do you have a Planner Love addiction too? Perfect! You’re in the right place!! I am going to share with you how I made some DIY Planner Accessories.

DIY Planner Accessories - Debbie's Musings

DIY Planner Accessories

Have you been out shopping for planner accessories? Well if you have then you already know that some of them can be a bit costly. I love cute things but I am not about to break the bank so I can have them. I honestly can say that although I am obsessed with my planner, I won’t buy things for it that aren’t on sale.

When I am out shopping and I find a cute planner accessory I just have to have, I normally take a picture and try to make it myself. This is the reason I am sharing this article with you today.

DIY Planner Accessories 
Cute Paper Clips

I love the cute paper clips that can be found for planners. But again I am not about to pay the prices of some of them. But I will make them myself! Most are easily replicated for half the cost, and sometimes less.

I love the paper clips with the shapes, sayings, animals, bows, ribbons, and flowers on them. So today I am going to tell you how you can make the sayings paper clips and some cute bows, and love mason jar paper clip. Again these will be tutorials using a Cricut Explore Air 2 machine, but if you have a printer you still make these cute paper clips.

DIY Planner Accessories - Bows-Butterfly

DIY Planner Accessories
Paper Clips Supplies

Supplies Needed:
Paper Clips – use the sizes and colors you wish
Scissors or Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine  or
Stickers, Small Die Cut Shapes, Paper Flowers, Pretty Buttons
Printer if not using a Cricut machine
Cricut Family Album Cartridge – used for the saying paper clips
Glue – permanent glue, or a glue gun and glue sticks
Cardstock – colors of your choice
Cricut Pens You can get the pretty metallic set for $9.69 now! Such a great price.
Cricut Mats  Great price now for two 12×12 mats for as low as $10.22

DIY Planner Accessories

Instructions: Using Cricut Explore Air 2 
I used the following files from my Cricut Design Space: These are the free ones you have access too if you have a Cricut Design Space account.
Butterfly #M2F942
Bunny #M469E1
Coffee Cup #M3D75A
3D Bow #M40F2F

  • I sized all the images to be 1″ in height and let the design space decide the other value. Set up your mats with the cardstock colors you like and cut them out.
    Next put together the 3d bow with glue and set aside to dry. If you’re looking for great instructions for putting together the bow Cricut has a great tutorial. Click here for the easy to follow pdf file.
  • In the meantime you can glue the paper clips onto your other images. Using your hot glue gun, place a dab of glue on the back of your image, then add the paperclip. Push the paperclip down good into the dab of glue so that it’s secured good. Repeat this for all the images you cut. Check to see if your bow is dry, if it is then you can also add the paperclip to the back of the bow now.
DIY Planner Accessories
Paper Clips

Instructions using a Printer:

  • Using heavy paper print the below files as your pattern. Decide which color cardstock you want and trace each pattern onto the cardstock.
  • For the bow you can use two different colors so that you have the same effect as I did. But you can always cut on the same colored cardstock as well.

Print Files:
3D Bow
After printing the patterns and cutting them out, assemble the 3d Bow as per instruction above. Let it dry and as per the above instructions add your paperclips to each image. Once you’ve completed all of them, then do the same to the bow.

Hopefully you’ll have just as much fun making these DIY Planner Accessories as I did. Don’t forget to follow me in the social media outlets, and stick around be I’ve got tons of Planner Love and DIY Planner Accessories to come!

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