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Elizabeth decided she wanted to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween this year, and I thought it would be fun to make her a Minnie Mouse Tulle Costume I had seen on Pinterest. Have you ever got lost while on Pinterest? I did one search and found myself an hour later still looking! There were so many pretty ones and knew I could make one easily. Did I mention I am a Pinterest queen? Oh … darling you don’t even know the half of it!

I didn’t take pictures while making the tulle skirt, but it’s really easy to do. If you don’t understand my directions, and need something visual wikihow.com has great instructions with images. I bought all the items needed at our local Walmart.

Minnie Mouse Tulle Costume

Items Needed:

Ribbon 1 each of the following:
wide width roll of pink with white polka dots $1.97
1/2″ width roll of pink for the waist band $.97
thin roll of pink to include in the tulle skirt $.97

5 total yards of Tulle (on bolts that have to be cut)
dark pink 3 yards $3.00
light pink 2 yards $3.00

Felt 2 sheets in following colors:
white sheet or scrape pieces (used for the dots on the tulle skirt) $.25
black sheet to make Minnie ears $.25

Pink t-shirt or onesie (size of the child your making the costume for) I got a cute little onies for $3.88

Glue gun and glue sticks
Headband or 2 elastic hair ties

DIY Minnie Tulle Costume -Itemsneeded

Minnie Mouse Tulle Costume


1 – Create your waistband. Using the 1/2″ ribbon wrap it around your child’s waist where you want the tutu to sit, and a little extra for tying before cutting. Mark your child’s waist as a guide for later when you add the tulle.

2 – Cut your tulle into strips. Lay the tulle out flat, and cut it into dozens of long strips measuring between 2–4 inches wide. If you’re looking for a fluffier, fuller skirt, use wide strips. If you’re looking for a tutu that will lay down a bit use thin strips.

3 – Fold the strips in half. In order to add the tulle strips to the ribbon, they must all be folded in half first. This will leave you with two tail ends together on the bottom end and a loop (fold) at the top. I did this as I added them to the ribbon, but you can choose to do so before hand.

4 – Add your first strip. Place a strip of the folded tulle over the top of the ribbon, leaving about 2 inches sticking up over the top of the ribbon. Grab the tail ends  and go in the opposite direction away from the loop, and pull them around and through the loop over the top of the ribbon this will create a knot. Continue adding the strips to fill in the area you marked in step 1.

Minnie Mouse Tulle Costume continued . . .

5 – Using the thin pink ribbon cut 4 strips the same length you used for the tulle, then add them to the skirt using the same process as you did for the tulle strips. Place them as even apart as possible.

5 – Cut small circles from the white felt, and using the glue gun secure them to the skirt. When you add them to the skirt, lift the strip of tulle you’re securing the felt too, this will prevent other pieces of tulle from getting glue on them. Add as many as you’d like.  I think I added about 20 dots total.

6 – Using the pink with white polka dot ribbon create a bow and attach it to the center upper edge of the skirt. If you place it on one of the knots it will keep the glue from seeping through.

Minnie Mouse Tulle Costume

Minnie Mouse Ears

1 – Using the black felt, cut out 4 ear shaped pieces.

2 – Hot glue two of the pieces together leaving the bottom open, do this to create 2 ears.

3 – Connect the ears to the headband, by placing the headband in the opening of the ear piece and gluing them in the location you desire. If you want the hair tie method skip to the next step.

4 – Hair tie method follow steps 1 and 2 then move on to the next step.

5 – Take on of the ear pieces and create a little crease in the center, put a little glue inside and hold the crease together.

6 – Crimp the hair tie ends together, slide inside the ear opening, add some hot glue and secure in place.

7 – Seal the bottom edge of the ear with the hot glue.

The above method is great for little ones with long hair. Simply use the hair ties like you normally would and position the ear accordingly. I also made a little bow for Elizabeth’s hair, and added some Minnie ears to her treat bucket. (as see in the above image)

Minnie Mouse Tulle Costume finishing steps

When your Minnie Mouse Tulle Costume is ready make sure your sweet little one tries it on prior to the big event. This way you can make any adjustments needed. Note: the tulle can be slid across the ribbon, to make the skirt smaller or give more room.

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