DIY Little Girls T-shirts Cricut Project

DIY Little Girls T-shirts Cricut Project

My granddaughters don’t really wear a lot of dresses. But they love those #hashtag t-shirts and jeans which is why I love that the Hubs got me a heat press for Christmas. I can make them all sorts of tees easily now. Today I wanted to share my DIY Little Girls T-shirts Cricut Project with you. This is a super easy DIY and you don’t need a heat press or a Cricut to do them. But of course, having them makes the project easier.

I haven’t been able to find packs of colored t-shirts that are affordable. So I’ve been getting white t-shirts in packs of 5 at Walmart for a little under $6.  Then I create cute tees for them like the ones I am sharing today.

DIY Little Girls T-Shirts Cricut Project

What little girl doesn’t like hearts, ribbons, and bows? I know right not many and to be honest I love hearts, ribbons, and bows. So like I said you don’t need a heat press or a Cricut machine to make these t-shirts. I’ll explain how later in this post. For now, I’ll share how I did them using the Cricut and heat press. This DIY is for two different t-shirts. One with Heart balloons, ribbons, and bows. The other is a large heart with the word love in the center.

DIY Little Girls T-Shirts Cricut Project Items Needed:

T-shirts (you’ll need two if you’re making both t-shirts)
Heat Transfer Vinyl
Frilly Lace or This Ribbon Ruffle Stuff
Felt Sheet
Cricut Machine & Cricut Design Space Access (click link for project files)
Heat Press & Teflon Sheet
Glue Gun or Needle and Thread

DIY Little Girls T-Shirts Cricut Project Instructions: 

Cutting for both t-shirts:

Open the Cricut file above, you’ll find the patterns there. They are grouped for each t-shirt ex: the large heart and love are for one t-shirt and the heart balloons and bow are for the other t-shirt. When you cut the bow only cut one on a piece of cardstock, this will be the pattern for cutting the bows on the felt. Remember when cutting vinyl always cut with the shiny side down.

DIY Little Girls T-shirts Cricut Project - Heart & Love

Instructions for Large Heart Love T-shirt

Heat up your heat press as per the instructions. Place the large heart on the t-shirt in the location you’d like. Cover the area with your Teflon sheet and heat press it to the t-shirt.

Once the heart is securely applied to the t-shirt remove the clear backing. Place the “love” word onto the heart, cover with the Teflon sheet and heat press it. Press it as many times as needed.

Next, you’re going to either glue the ruffle around the edge of the heart or sew it on. I decided to use my glue gun as the girls don’t like the way the stitching feels. There you go! You’ve just turned a plain white t-shirt into an adorable t-shirt!

DIY Little Girls T-shirts Cricut Project - Heart & Love 1

DIY Little Girls T-Shirts Cricut Project
Instructions for the Heart Balloon T-shirt

DIY Little Girls T-shirts Cricut Project - Heart Balloons & Bows

Before applying the heart balloons to the t-shirt, cut the bows out of the felt and put them together. Next, decide where you want the heart balloons to go. I had them going up the right side of Izzy’s. Make sure you leave some room for the ribbons. After you’ve figured this out you’re going to heat press them in place. Then add the word love at the bottom lower corner under the balloons.

Next cut ribbon the lengths needed to go from balloon to balloon. Secure the ribbons in place with either glue gun or sew them. Next, attach a bow at the bottom of each balloon. I then tied a little bow from the ribbon and secured it where a few pieces of the ribbon grouped together. There you have it! Another plain white t-shirt turned into an adorable shirt you’re daughter will love!

DIY Little Girls T-shirts A Cricut Project - Heart Balloons & Bows 1

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