DIY Homework Clipboard – Kayden’s Project

DIY Homework Clipboard - Kayden's Crafting with Kids

We do homework at the kitchen table, with no distractions. I don’t want them going into their room and being distracted by toys, TV etc. This poses a little problem thou. We have a new dinning room table and I don’t want pencil markings in the wood. Most of the time I give Kayden a book or something hard to put under her homework so that doesn’t happen. I keep saying I need to get them clipboards for this purpose. Well I finally did! 1$ at the dollar store, but it’s a simple plain clipboard. But we’re about to fix that thou with today’s Crafting with Kids project DIY Homework Clipboard.

IY Homework Clipboard - Crafting with Kids - Kayden

She’s watching her name being cut on the Cricut. I swear she loves this machine as much as I do! We basically started this project without a clue as to what we were going to do. I knew I wanted her name on it since both girls will make one. I also figured she’d give me tons of ideas as to what she wanted.

Boy was I right! She immediately started mentioning this and that, and all the while my fingers just a typing hoping google could help with some images. I had a clue as to what she’d be asking for I just played a little dumb. I wanted her to use her imagination and not my suggestions.

DIY Homework Clipboard
Five Nights at Freddy’s {just like I thought}

These two girls are big Five Nights at Freddy’s fans. I’ve often listened to them explain the story behind the characters and it’s kind of odd to me. But I think I get why they like it, the music is catchy (I’ve caught myself singing the songs I hear them play) Ugh! *smiles* Also I think they like the whole animatronics behind it, so far they aren’t really stuck on the “behind the story part”. Anyways they like these weird creatures and I’ve never stopped any of my children from being who they are.

I finally found some cute images that Kayden liked and loaded them into my Cricut Design Space software. I am getting pretty good at finding good images that can easily be done on my Cricut. Go me!

DIY Homework Clipboard

Kayden decided on Freddy, Chica and a big heart behind them. She is a big mushy romantic girl even at 8. She thinks that they are a couple and should be in love. Did I mention she was 8? I keep saying to myself slow down lil monkey you should be worrying about knots in your Barbie’s hair.

DIY Homework Clipboard - Freddy-Chica-Bonnie-Foxy

These were actually print then cut images. This is the second time I’ve used this feature on my Cricut. The first time I was clueless and thought my machine was broken. I’ll be posting a How To article later this week explaining the Print then Cut feature.

DIY Homework Clipboard – Finished Product

After cutting the images out for her I let her create. I had to keep reminding her to stay on task and to make sure she was putting enough glue on them. I had planned to spray a coating of acrylic to keep everything stuck, but I wanted her to be a bit more focused. It turned out cute and she was super excited about what she created. Even took a picture with her phone and sent it to Grandpa.

DIY Homework Clipboard - Kayden's Crafting with Kids

Stick around there will be plenty more Crafting with Kids articles to come. How often do you craft with your child(ren) or grandchild(ren)?

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