DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign

DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign- Done

I have been wanting to make a welcome sign for our front porch for a while now, and finally made one this past weekend. After we did the edging in the backyard we ended up with a pile of unneeded wood from the frames. They worked out perfectly. This was probably one of the easiest projects I’ve done in a while, not sure if it’s because I had so much time to really think it through or if I am starting to get real handy with the power tools! I’d like to give credit to the lather, but know it’s probably because I’ve planned this project for months. If you’ve been wanting a welcome sign too, well you’re in luck because today I am sharing this easy DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign how-to with ya’all.

DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign

DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign

Items Needed:

3 – 2″ width x 8′ in height (or however tall you want your sign) pieces of wood
2 – pieces of wood about 6″ in width x 2″ in height (used to securing the sign together)
Measuring Tape/Yard Stick
Drill & Drill bit for screws
Hole drilling bit the diameter of your screws
6 – 4 1/2″ wood screws
Paint Brush
Stencil letters
Burlap, Ribbon, Bow, or whatever you’d like to use for embellishing

As you can see from the below image, the wood I used wasn’t perfect, nor did they align perfectly at that top edge. You can also see the scrap wood pieces I used for securing the sign pieces together.

DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign - Directions


Align the long wood pieces next to one another, making sure the bottom edge is straight. Decide where you want to screw in the pieces that will secure your sign together. Measure that distance and mark the spot for the other edge. Mine are secured at about 11″ from the bottom and top edges.

After you’ve marked the spots for the securing pieces, you’re going to want to drill a hole for the screws. This isn’t required but it does make it easier when you are screwing the screws in place. Next, you’re going to attach the wood pieces together with the screws. You’ll use 3 screws for the bottom area and 3 for the top. See image below. Now it’s time to sand the wood to a smooth finish.

DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign - Securing Pieces

DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign – directions cont.

After you’ve sanded the wood to your liking, using a broom to brush all the excess dust off and it’s time to paint. Once you’ve painted both the front and back of your sign you can start adding your lettering. I used my Cricut machine to cut my letters and then traced them on the wood. You can also hand draw them on or print yours using your favorite font.

DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign - Painted

When all the letters are drawn on your sign you can fill them in with coordinating paint and let dry. If you’d like to embellish your sign your sign like I did, just grab any odds and ends craft scrap and add them. I didn’t glue any of mine in place, as I plan to change them out with the holidays.

DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign - Letters Done

There you have it, you’ve just finished your super easy DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign!! Now share it with family and friends so that they can make one too! I am currently working on 3 different fall crafts. 3D paper acorns, and 3D pumpkins and a Fall Fairy Pumpkin Diorama. Can’t wait to share them with ya’all. You won’t want to miss these crafts, be sure follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign- Done


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