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A week ago I shared a couple Elf on the Shelf ideas on how you can make your Elf’s arrival fun. Here is the easy DIY Elf Door tutorial. A super easy project which can be made with things you probably already have. My granddaughters love their Elf on the Shelf and the DIY Elf Door was such a good idea. I hope it’s as big of hit in your house as it was for us.

DIY Elf Door Items Needed:

8 – Large Popsicle Sticks
21- Small Popsicle Sticks
Cardboard (big enough to lay the large popsicle sticks 4 across)
Paints (colors you want your door)
Glue Gun
Wire Cutters
Felt – small piece for the rug and a larger one for the door and stoop to sit on. Long and wide enough for 12 small popsicle sticks to lay on with 1/2″ on the outer edges.
Small Buttons, mini bottle brush christmas trees, little beads, colored crafting wire (dollar store) and any misc christmas themed items you may have around the house that can be incorporated into your project.
Christmas Greenery (wreath type stems) dollar store
Little plastic bulbs used for scrapbooking (Michaels $2.00 for a small bag of 8)

DIY Elf Door Step by Step Instructions

Paint the 8 large popsicle sticks the color you want your door and let dry.
Paint the 21 small popsicle sticks white or contrasting color you used for your door, and let dry.
Glue little beads to your mini trees and set aside.
Using the greenery (wreath type stems) from the dollar store. Create a small wreath. Decorate it with mini buttons etc.
Create a strand of lights with the little plastic bulbs and some of the colored wire. Set aside

At this point your painted popsicle sticks should be dried.

DIY Elf Door continued

Lay the piece of cardboard out and place 4 large popsicle sticks on it, mark the edges with a pencil. Remove the sticks and cut about 1/3″ inside your markings. You don’t want the cardboard showing on the outside of your door. Now using the glue gun, glue the 4 sticks to the piece of cardboard, turn over and glue the remaining ones to the back. Make sure you keep the sticks close together and try not to leave any gaps between them. Set aside.

Now using 3 small sticks your going to create the upper door frame. Put glue on the long edges of a popsicle stick (do one side at a time) Then take another stick and place its long edge along the glued edge. This will create an L type shape. Then repeat this step for the other side of the stick. Create the lower door frame the same way, and side aside.

DIY Elf Door - Back

Create the platform or what looks like the entry way/side walk to the door. Using 12 popsicle sticks and the larger piece of felt, glue the sticks to the felt. Trim the edges leaving about 1/2″ on the right/left/front sides. Now using one of the door frames glue it to the furtherest edge of the platform. This will hold your door in place. Let dry. As seen in the above picture.

Now fill the inner part toward the back edges of the door frame with glue, and place your door toward the back edges. Hold in place for a few seconds to make sure it dries properly. Next add the upper door frame, but this time you’ll put the glue toward the front edges of the frame. Hold the frame to the door for a few to let it set, then set this aside for drying.

DIY Elf Door almost finished . . .

While your door, platform and frames dry  you can create your little rug. I used the same color as I used for the platform. You can glue different things to the rug, use puffy paints to write your Elf’s name on it etc. I actually had some cute Christmas fabric with snowmen that I cut out and glued to my felt rug. Now lets add the finishing touches.

DIY Elf Door - Elves Only Sign

DIY Elf Door Optional Steps

This is optional but I liked how my turned out, so I am adding this step. You should have a few small sticks left, take one and glue to the door just under the upper door frame. This to make helps tie it all in. But again it’s optional. Do the same to the bottom as well, but you’ll glue the stick to the edge of the door frame that’s sticking up.

Next  you’ll add the wreath to the upper center area of your door, then add some mini buttons to the upper door frame and the strand of lights you created earlier. Add a door knob using a small button, or you can even paint it on. I actually had some tiny plastic snowflakes that I used.

Now glue your rug, and the mini trees to the platform in front of the door. Basically you’re done, you can add any other items as you’d like.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas - DIY Elves Only Sign

Elf on the Shelf – Elves Only Sign

Items needed:

8 small popsicle sticks
2 different colors of Paint
Glue Gun
Colored Wire
Small Christmas Stickers
Scissors or Wire Cutters


Paint 8 small popsicle sticks your choice in color.
Using the wire cutters or scissors, cut one of the sticks in half.
On one of the sticks you just cut add some glue to it. Glue the remaining sticks about 1/2″ from the edges, turn it over. On the opposite side glue the other cut piece about 1/2″ from the edges.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas - DIY Elves Only Sign Back

Take a piece of the colored wire and wrap it around the sign about 3 times. Glue into place on the back side, repeat for the the edge. You can not Your sign is now ready. You can get a small easel at Michaels for $1 or maybe even at the dollar store.

Hang around as I have loads of Elf on the Shelf Ideas and Fun Family Friendly Christmas Stuff to share.



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