DIY Easter Wreath – Easter Series 2017

DIY Easter Wreath - Wreath Hanging Above Mantel

A wreath is such a versatile decoration. You can hang a wreath on a plain door and give it a beautiful new look. Hang one over the mantel and you can brighten up a lonely wall. If you get the right wreath it can be decorated and redecorated for every holiday/season. Until this past week, I have yet to make a wreath from start to finish. I have repurposed a store-bought one and embellished a few over the years. With that being said today I am here to share my first DIY Easter Wreath. 

DIY Easter Wreath - Wreath Finished

DIY Easter Wreath – Supplies Used

Grapevine Wreath – Walmart $5
Wooden Craft Birdhouse – Michaels $1
Wired Edged Ribbon – Dollar Store $1
White or Brown Craft Eggs – Michaels $2
Moss – Micheals $4 (after 50% savings)
Americana Decor Paints Chalky Finish in refreshing and serene – Walmart Total for both $2.50
Light Yellow Paint (I had some on hand didn’t buy)
Brown Paint (had some on hand)
Scrap Piece of Burlap (big enough to cover the roof of the birdhouse)
Scrap White Paper/Tissue Paper or Cardstock your choice (for the Birdhouse)
Mod Podge or Elmers glue thinned with water (1 part glue to half the amount of water)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Floral Wire (optional) Walmart $1.47

DIY Easter Wreath - Wreath Starting Point DIY Easter Wreath - Supplies1

DIY Easter Wreath – Simple Directions

Step 1
Paint the Easter eggs using the Americana Decor Paints, I tried to paint the same amount of eggs for each color. If you’re going to use the yellowish color too, you’ll have to mix it up yourself. I put a quarter sized amount on a piece of scrap paper, then added a pinhead sized drop of the brown to it and mixed it up. You can play with the colors to get it the way you like. Let the eggs dry

DIY Easter Wreath - Unfinished Birdhouse

Step 2
Birdhouse – cut the burlap the size of your birdhouse roof, you can cut one piece or use two pieces that meet in the middle. Cover the entire roof with a thick coat of mod podge or glue mixture. Lay the burlap over it and put another thin coat of mod podge or glue mixture over the burlap. Next, take a piece of the moss and stretch over the top of the burlap.

DIY Easter Wreath - Supplies Needed

Birdhouse cont. 
Step 3
Rip the paper/tissue paper or cardstock you’ve decided to use into pieces small enough to fit on the birdhouse. Using the mod podge or glue/water mixture cover one side of the bird house with it. Now lay the pieces of paper over the top of it. Layer the pieces so that the entire side is covered, then add another coat of the mod podge or glue mixture. Do this to all sides of the birdhouse. Using paint color of your choice paint the edges of the roof that overhang the house, do the same for the bottom edges too. (see image above I used the blue color for mine) Set aside to dry.

DIY Easter Wreath - Adding Moss to Wreath

DIY Easter Wreath – Adding the moss to the wreath

Heat up your glue gun, while it’s heating up separate the moss by gently pulling it apart. Mark the top of your wreath with a ribbon or floral wire. Starting at the middle of the wreath going toward the bottom, add a bit of glue and cover it with moss, continue doing this along the bottom edge and back up the other side to the middle point. (see image above for a visual of what I mean)

adding the moss cont. 

The moss should now cover the lower half of your wreath. You can do two different things at this point. Keep the wreath with the lower half covered with moss or rotate the wreath so that it’s angled slightly and the moss is now covering half the wreath at an angle. I rotated my wreath (see the first picture for a visual of what I mean)

DIY Easter Wreath – Adding the Eggs and Birdhouse

Glue the eggs throughout the moss-covered area. Add enough glue so that the eggs don’t fall off once it’s hung. Now decide where you want your birdhouse to be. I put mine on the curve of the wreath, I liked the way it looked. But you can put yours anywhere you’d like. To add the birdhouse determine which edges will touch the wreath and eggs, and add a glob of glue to that spot. Attach it to the wreath and hold firmly into place for a few seconds.

adding the birdhouse cont.

If you have any eggs left and if there is space you can add an egg to the bottom edge of the birdhouse. This may help support it better. You can also take a piece of the floral wire and wrap around the under edge of the roof and secure in place at the back of the wreath. I didn’t have any problems with mine staying in place, I think putting it on the curve of the wreath helped. The eggs helped a lot at keeping it in place too.

DIY Wreath – Making and attaching the Bow

Making the bow – Cut 3 24″ Strips from the wired ribbon. Taking one strip of ribbon fold the ends to meet up in the middle. Secure with glue or the floral wire, this will create a loop or circle of ribbon. Continue this process with all three strips, then take one of the loops/circles and lay it flat. Place another loop/circle of ribbon on top of that one a bit off centered. Secure these two with floral wire. Now place the final one on top of those again off centered and secure in place with the floral wire.

making the bow cont. – Cut a strip of the ribbon about 30″ long this will become the tail of the bow. Attach it to the bow with either glue or floral wire. Curl up the ends to the desired length, by wrapping upward around a pencil.

Attaching the Bow – determine where you want the bow to hang on your wreath. I placed mine to the left of the top center almost diagonal to my birdhouse. Secure the bow with floral wire or glue in place. Fluff the bow by pulling up the centers of each loop, and uncurl the ends to your desired length.

Your DIY Easter Wreath is now completed and ready for hanging.

DIY Easter Wreath - Wreath Hanging Above Mantel


I hung our wreath over our mantel. I don’t like hanging things on your door as its way to pretty to cover up.


Our Easter Series is in full swing! I will be sharing daily articles all related to the Easter holiday. We have some crafting with kids projects, DIY home decor, fun Easter basket ideas, glowing Easter eggs, and so much more. Be sure to follow Debbie’s Musing in the social media outlets.


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