DIY Easter T-shirt – Quick Cricut Project

DIY Easter T-shirt

Here’s an easy peasy last-minute DIY Easter T-shirt. This is a really quick Cricut project using heat transfer vinyl or even iron transfer paper. The girls love this little shirt and giggle so much each time they see it. Kayden said, “We made it appropriate and changed “butt” to tail.”

That’s their new word because I am always telling them to make sure they are using appropriate words, and are they watching appropriate TV shows/videos. We are all about being appropriate. Anyways let’s get back to the t-shirts.

DIY Easter T-shirt

DIY Easter T-Shirt – Materials Needed

Materials Needed for 2 T-shirts:
2 – T-shirt or Tank Top (top shown was from Walmart for $1.68)
Heat Transfer Vinyl in Pink, White or Iron On Transfer Paper
Iron and Ironing Board
Cricut – Mats, Weeder, Design Space
Parchment Paper (optional)

DIY Easter T-Shirt – Directions

Open Cricut Design Space and Load my Design Space Project.
When using Heat Transfer Vinyl you need to load the shiny side down on the mat. This is the protective layer and the actual vinyl is the dull side.
Cut the files, don’t forget to mirror the text.
Weed the vinyl from the design and set aside.

DIY Easter T-Shirt Cricut Design Studio

Directions cont.
Set up the ironing board, and plug in your iron using the settings suitable for your vinyl.
Place the bunnies on the shirt, then add the text. Don’t put the bow on yet. Once you’ve got everything where you want it, then it’s time to iron.
Place the parchment paper or a thin cloth over the design and iron it on the shirt. Let the design cool before trying to remove the protective layer. If you start from one edge and find it’s not coming off, move to another edge if you can’t find an edge that comes up easily, then iron a little more. Remember with heat transfer vinyl you have to use the cool remove. This basically means let the design cool before removing the protective cover.

DIY Easter T-shirt – Adding the bow

After removing the protective layer it’s time to add the bow. Place the bow in the location you wish, and cover the entire design with the cloth or parchment paper. Iron on the bow and let cool.
Remove the protective layer and re-iron the entire design once more. Don’t forget to use the parchment paper or cloth between the design and iron.

DIY Easter T-shirt 1

DIY Easter T-shirt – Vinyl Care

When you wash the t-shirt turn it inside out. This will keep your design from peeling off. Most heat transfer vinyl and be put into the dryer, but make sure you read the manufacturers recommendations. We wash their t-shirts inside out and hand them on a hanger to dry.

They turned out super cute, and the girls are adorable as they giggle at the bunnies. I made them both each a pair of shorts to go with their little t-shirts. Can’t wait to see them wearing them. I’ll share the shorts tutorial later in the week or early next week. Izzy keeps saying Easter is coming on this Sunday, and I am going to throw the Easter bunny a party. She’s so stinky cute!

DIY Easter T-shirt 2


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