Easy DIY Christmas Village Display

DIY Christmas Village Display

We were super busy this weekend working on our DIY Christmas Village Display. We ran out of space between the mantel, the entertainment center and the couch table. Plus we wanted a train set too! So it was time to get our creativeness on! But first a peek on Pinterest to see some of the ways others were displaying their Christmas villages. I found so many cute ideas, but they were either to big or too small.

Then the Hub’s said we could probably make a Christmas Village display that suited our needs. I told him I didn’t want to make something that we couldn’t reuse either after the holidays or again each year. I also said that I didn’t want to spend to much money. After he brainstormed, explained his idea . . . (which I sort of understood) off to Home Depot we went.

We decided on making the framework out of PVC pipes, and the shelfs out of pieces of wood. PVC is fairly cheap and so easy to work with, and the wood we got was also pretty cheap too. The project cost us less than $100, which was in the lines of the budget I wanted to spend on this project.

DIY Christmas Village Display

DIY Christmas Village Display

Items Needed:

PVC             6 of long pieces they sell at Home Depot
T’s – 2 bags of 10
Elbows 1 bag of 10
Wood  – 4 wide pieces (length will depend on how big you want your display)
2 pieces a little bit smaller in width than the other pieces
Felt to cover your shelves (We bought 8 yds)
Drill – drill bit for drilling holes for hinges, and bit to screw the screws
PVC Pipe Cutter
Screw Driver (optional)

DIY Christmas Village Display



Take 2 of the wider pieces of wood and hinge them together, this will make storing your display later easier. We wanted our shelves to be a little smaller as you went up, so if you’d like the same decide how much smaller you want your shelves for the second level and cut appropriately. Then you’ll hinge those two together too at the centers. Then you’ll need to cut the 3rd level shelfs using 2 smaller widths wood. I think our shelves are 4″ smaller as you go up. (Ex: 30″ the bottom shelf, 26″ the middle shelf and 22″ the top one.) You can make them all the same width if you’d like. Measure each shelf once you’ve hinged them to get the width and length, you’ll need these measurements for the base/form.

DIY Christmas Display – Building the Frame:

This is a little tricky, measuring and cutting the PVC pipes will all depend on how you plan to build the display frame. You can either build up using T’s and cutting holes in the wood where the pipes go through, up to the next level of shelf. Or you can build a base for each shelf in which you’ll measure and cut your pipes according to the height you desire each shelf to be. Then you’ll basically rest each shelf on the individual frames. The first way is a bit more work, and it’s harder to do because you’ve got to cut the holes right, place your T’s in the right location etc.

Covering your shelves:

Using felt cover each one of your shelves. You can either staple the felt to the underside of the shelf or you can hot glue it in place.

My final thoughts on our DIY Christmas Village Display

This was an easy project to do, once  you get the hang of it. If you’re building up through the shelves like we did, then the holes for the pipes to go through was a bit of a pain. Also when you add the T’s to the frames you’ve got to make sure you’re measuring properly to include the lengths of the T’s etc.

I can’t wait to show you our DIY Christmas Village Display all decked out with our village. Stick around to see the unveiling!


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