DIY Carrot Treat Boxes – Cricut Easter Crafting

DIY Carrot Treat Boxes - Cricut Easter Crafting 3

Making these DIY Carrot Treat Boxes added a cute little touch to the pom pom bunnies. They can be filled with jelly beans or any type of Easter candy, but I decided not to fill them. This is an easy Cricut project that can be completed in 30 mins or less.

DIY Carrot Treat Boxes - Cricut Easter Crafting 3

DIY Carrot Treat Boxes – Finding the files

Load and login to your Cricut Access account, currently this project is one of the ones that comes with your access membership. It can also be found on the main landing page of the Design Studio app. But I am going to teach you how to find the cut files by doing a search.

Click on the search box and scroll down to Easter and click, all the Easter related projects will appear find the Carrot treat boxes and click on it. From there you’ll click customize to change the sizes etc. or just click make it.

DIY Carrot Treat Boxes - Cricut Cut File 1

DIY Carrot Treat Boxes – Cutting the files & Putting the boxes together

If you didn’t make any changes to the file then you’ll just set up your mats and start cutting. You’ll need at least a 6 X 6 piece of cardstock for the greenery pieces, and you’ll need an 8.5 X 11 sheet of cardstock for each of the other two. Cut the pieces and remove from your mats.

DIY Carrot Treat Boxes - Cricut Easter Crafting

Putting the Carrot Treat Boxes together

Take the light orange triangle pieces and glue them to the inside segment of the orange carrot.

Let dry for a couple of minutes, then fold orange carrot pieces at the score lines. Next glue the tab of the carrot to the side of the carrot that it meets up with.

Folding the tabs and securing the greenery tops

Fold the top square tabs in and then fold the rounded tabs over them. Hook the tabs together at the slits, and glue the greenery pieces to the curved tabs.

DIY Carrot Treat Boxes - Cricut Easter Crafting 1

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If you’d like to see me make something or do a video tutorial for it please send me an email. Enjoy some of my Cricut made crafts below.

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