DIY 3D Rose – Cricut 3D Flowers

Cricut Project: DIY 3D Rose - Finished

Every time I go into Michaels I almost always stop by and look at all the paper flowers. I confess over the years I’ve probably bought my fair share of them too. But then the Hubs got me a Cricut Explore Air 2, my favorite new craft room toy, and now I can make my own paper flowers. Which prompted me to share a DIY 3D Rose tutorial. DIY 3D Rose - Red Rose

DIY 3D Rose – Cricut Project using Design Studio

Log into Cricut Design Studio, create a new project, then click on insert images. The image library will come up, in the search area search 3D flowers. You can also search Flower Shoppe which is the cartridge that the cut file is located on. If you have design studio access this file comes with your monthly/yearly subscription. If you don’t have an access account then you can follow the directions for printer below.

Cricut Project: DIY 3D Rose - Design Studio Cricut Project: DIY 3D Rose - Design Studio Search

Add the image to your design studio screen and then click the edit tab. If you’d like to make the same size rose as I made then resize the image to 3.5 in. for the width and 3.24 for height.Cricut Project: DIY 3D Rose - Design Studio Cut Files

DIY 3D Rose – Cricut Design Studio Leaves

Click add image again and then choose cartridges. Search for “Flower Shoppe” this will probably give you two search results. You’re going to want to click the first one which will bring up all images available on that cartridge. Then search #M3E197 this is the leaf I used for my rose, click on it then add to your project.

making more than one rose? 

Resize the leaf to be 3″ in width and 3″ in height. If you’re going to make more than one rose and leaf then you can highlight them and click on copy, then click paste. This will drop a second rose and leaf on the mat. At this size, you can add up to 6 each of the rose and leaves and cut on an 8.5″ x  11″ paper.

Cricut Project: DIY 3D Rose - Design Studio Cutting

DIY 3D Rose – Cutting

Now it’s time to set up your mats with cardstock and getting cutting. Decide which colors you’re going to use for the flowers and leaves, then set up the mats. I use 2 mats at once one for the roses and one for the leaves.

If you only have one mat I suggest cutting leaves first. They are easier to remove from the mat and will make the process quicker. If you want to make different colored roses, then more mats will be needed or you can cut them peel and cut again.

DIY 3D Rose – Rolling Rose and Making the Leaf

After you’ve gotten all the roses, leaves cut and removed from mats it’s time to start rolling the roses. I used tweezers and the tweezers tool that comes in the Cricut Tool Kit. (shown below).

Creating the rose cont.

Start that the outer edge of the rose and roll around the tweezers. Try to keep it as tight as you can as well as keep the edges aligned. Below is a mini video of how to roll the rose using the Cricut tweezers. Yes, I do have a head. . . lol, I really wanted to focus on my hands rolling the rose up.

For the leaves I put little slices or cuts all along the edges, then I took the tweezers and rolled the edges under a little.

Circut Project: DIY 3D Rose - Making the Stem

DIY 3D Rose – Adding the Stem and Leaves to the Rose

Making the stem is easy to make, just take a length of the floral wire and fold in half. Attach the folded side of the wire to the base of the rose with your glue gun, then twist the two pieces together.

Cricut Project: DIY 3D Rose - Leaf

adding the leaves

I added the leaf I cut and rolled the edges on first, up toward the base of the rose. The best way to add the leaf is to fold the leaf stem in half and put a bit of glue in the center. Wrap the stem of the leaf around the wire as closely to the base of the rose as you can get. (See image above for a visual on how to I folded the leaf stem)

adding the leaves cont. 

Next, you’ll add a second leaf slightly to the side of the one you first added, you’re going to want to add this leaf over any of the glue overspill.

Cricut Project: DIY 3D Rose - Finished

adding dimension to the stem of the rose

Using some of the scrap paper from where you cut the leaves, rip long pieces and wrap around the wire. See above image for a visual. Secure the paper in place with your glue gun.

DIY 3D Rose – Giving the rose some shape (optional step)

For this step, I took my tweezers and folded/rolled some of the outer edges of the rose petals. I did a few in the middle as well. The easiest way to do this is to clap a petal with the tweezers and fold/roll under to a few of the petals. The image up above shows a close up of the petals, this will help give you a visual of what I mean.

DIY 3D Rose – Using a Printer

Click here for the printable template. After you’ve printed it I suggest that you make a sturdy cardboard template. Use the template and trace it on various colors of cardstock.

After you’ve gotten all the rose pieces traced and cut out follow directions above from DIY 3D Rose – Rolling Rose and Making the Leaf point downward.

Circut Project: DIY 3D Rose - Red Rose

I loved how the rose it turned out so much that, I made some smaller roses to make some DIY Planner Accessories. I’ll be sharing some of them later next week. I have a few other projects in mind using some of the 3D roses I’ve made. They are so easily made that you can cut a few and make them in your down time.

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