DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall Decorating

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall decorating - Featured

Over the years I believe I have become more thrifty and constantly looking for ways to get more bang for the buck. I am like this for almost everything, especially for home decor. I guess that’s a good thing, it definitely keeps me busy in my craft room. Oh, I don’t mind and actually, love when we see something at the store and I refuse to buy it because we can make. Today I’d like to share with you one of my recent “I can make those projects”, with some super easy DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall decorating. Aren’t they just the cutest? I cut the pumpkin shapes using my Cricut machine, but this fall craft can be done easily by hand. Directions will be for both ways. You’ll need Cricut Design Space Access to get the Cricut cut files.

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall decorating

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall Decorating

Supplies Needed: This will create 1 Smaller Pumpkin (as shown in image above)

Pumpkin Shape – Shape or Cricut Design Space Files here or just a plain 3″ circle
Card Stock – Orange (main pumpkin), Green, and Coordinating Color
Hole Punch, Scissors, Scrap Paper, and Printer (if you’re not using a Cricut machine)
Modge Podge
Paint Brush
Tweezers (optional)

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall Decorating


Without a Cricut machine – Download the pumpkin shape or hand draw a pumpkin on a piece of scrap paper. I suggest using scrap paper in case you want to switch the design up after drawing it. Once you’re happy with the pumpkin shape, cut it out and trace it on the card stock so that you will have a total of 8 pumpkin shapes. You’ll repeat this step on the coordinating color as well. Cut the shapes out, you’ll end up with a total of 16 pumpkin shapes. Fold them in half down the center from stem down.

Using your pumpkin pattern, trace the stem part only on the green cardstock. You’ll need to trace it 8 times then cut each one in half, which will create 16 stem pieces.

Another way without a Cricut machine – You can also use a small plate, saucer, or pan to trace a circle on the scrap paper. For the stems, cut 1 rectangle shape and roll it up to create a 3D stem. Make sure you have cut 8 of the main color and 8 of the coordinating color for the pumpkins.

With Cricut Design Space Access – Open the file listed above, prepare your mats with the cardstock and cut the files as shown. You’ll make one pumpkin for this file. If you’d like to create more than one pumpkin simply cut the files that many times.

Once you’ve gotten all your pieces cut, move onto the below steps.

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall Decorating – Putting the pieces together

Take one of the main pumpkin pieces, using the paintbrush coat one half with modge podge, put it on thicker in the stem area and the fold crease. Then take another main pumpkin shape and place it on top of the modge’d podge’d side. Make sure you line up the stems and the bottom area of the pumpkin shape. Fold those pieces together inwards. Keep adding the pieces to the outer side of the folded pumpkin, all folds should be together and all open edges together. Once you’ve gotten all the pieces in place fold together the remaining two edges to form the pumpkin. You can secure them with clothespins until they are dried. (see images below for a visual of the above steps)

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall decorating - Step 1  DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall decorating - Step 2 DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall decorating - Step 3 DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall decorating - Layers Done

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall Decorating – Finishing Touches

While your pumpkin is drying you can add the green stem pieces to the coordinating pumpkin shapes. Each stem will use two of the green stem pieces. Once you’ve finished with all the stem pieces you’ll then add the final layer to the dried pumpkin. You’ll add one outer layer to each area of the pumpkin, making sure the stems and bottoms are lined up.

Once you’ve let the pumpkins dry for a couple of hours, it’s time to add them to your fall decor!

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkins Perfect for Fall Decorating – Variations

You can make these pumpkins larger or they can be made smaller for guest setting assignments at dinner time. Add some glitter to make them sparkle, tie a ribbon around the stems, or brush the edges with a little brown paint to give them a rustic touch. These also make great fall crafting projects for your little ones too! Use your imagination and create a beautiful fall centerpiece with several of these pumpkins placed in a basket with some fall foliage. The use of these are endless and will last from October to the start of December.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoy making some of these cute DIY 3D Pumpkins as much as I did. If you haven’t seen my DIY Front Porch Welcome Sign be sure to check it out too. I have tons of DIY projects, home decor and crafts here on DM go have a peek, and be sure to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Friday’s project I will be turning Dollar Store pumpkins into pretty little beauties in another Dollar Store Crafting how – to.



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