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I have been reorganizing my craft room/war room and I also worked on pretty a DIY 2 Tiered Craft Room Organizer. Hey, I was multi-tasking plus a girl can only clean so much before it makes you crazy. But before I tell you about the craft project, let explain the reason behind the reorganization of the craft/war room.

I have been trying to convince the Hubs to let me paint the room some shade of pink. Which as you can guess, it was an Epic Fail. I get why he’s not too interested in having a pink room. It is basically the first room you see as you walk into our front door, it’s also the room that opens up into our family room. So … I get it!

Now since I didn’t win the painting the walls pink battle, I decided I’d add some pink accessories to the room instead. See this girl is smart! So this is why I’ve been reorganizing. Anyways let’s get to the project.

DIY 2 Tiered Craft Room Organizer

This is another Dollar Tree Crafting project and all the key items were bought there. I love going to the Dollar Tree and finding items to use in my craft projects. Ok I know I got side-tracked again! So the items you’ll need for this project are listed below.

The cake pans, candle holder, ceramic angel, napkins were all bought at the Dollar Tree. Some of the other items can be bought there as well but they are hit and miss type items. You’ve gotta be there before all the other crafters get them first.

DIY 2 Tiered Craft Room Organizer Items Needed:

2 – Round Cake Pans
1 – Candle Holder (see image below)
1 – Ceramic Angel (as seen in the image below)
Mod Podge
2- Paint Brushes
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Pretty Tissue Paper or Napkins
Emery Board or Sandpaper

DIY 2 Tiered Craft Room Organizer - Candle Holder  ATTACHMENT DETAILS DIY-2-Tiered-Craft-Room-Organizer-Ceramic-Angel


DIY 2 Tiered Craft Room Organizer Directions

Decide which sides of the cake pans you’d like to paint and which sides you’d like to add the mod podge and napkins too. After you’ve made your decision, you’re going to paint the side you want to paint. Set it aside to dry. Do the same with the other cake pan. I painted the inside and mod podge the outside of one and did the opposite for the other pan.

While your pans are drying, using the emery board or sandpaper gently sand the upper edge of the candle holder. This will help dull the edge and make it easier to adhere it to the pans later. Take your tissue paper or napkins and rip into pieces. You can use both if you’d like. Your pans should be dry by now and you can start your mod podge part.

This step you’ll be doing in sections, brush on a thin layer of mod podge then add pieces of napkin and tissue paper. Then do the same thing to another section. Repeat this until the entire cake pan surface is covered to your liking. Afterward add a thin coat of mod podge to the entire surface, securing any pieces that aren’t laying flat.

DIY 2 Tiered Craft Room Organizer - Mod Podge Napkin

DIY 2 Tiered Craft Room Organizer Putting it together

After the pans are dried it’s time to put your 2 tiered organizer together. Decide which pan will be the top and which will be the bottom. Turn the top pan over so that you’re looking at the bottom of the pan. Using your glue gun add glue to the center of the pan, put enough glue to cover the same size area as the candle holder. Hold in place for a few seconds until the glue is set. You’ll now be looking at the bottom of the candle holder.

Add a glob of hot glue to the bottom portion of the candle holder. Make sure you’ve covered the entire bottom area and then place the center of the cake pan on it. Hold for a few minutes to dry. I suggest letting the glue set for a few minutes before handling it.

Once it’s dried completely you can add all your pretty little craft room trinkets to it. It also works for a makeup organizer, you can use it to hold jewelry too. I’ve made two of them as you see in the picture below. They currently hold my planner washi tapes, glues, beads and other planner love accessories.

DIY - Craft Room Organizer - Dollar Tree Crafting

Final Thoughts on my DIY 2 Tiered Craft Room Organizer.

This was a fun craft that cost me $4 to make with me buying the 2 cake pans, ceramic angel and candle holder from the Dollar Tree. Since I have a stocked craft room I didn’t need to buy any of other items needed.

What changes would I make next time? I’d probably add some pretty little glass beads to at the base of the tier. This would give it a little weight. I really enjoyed this craft and they look so pretty sitting on my desk and craft room shelf.  As you can see I did use pink on both of the ones I made. Like I stated above this was a start of my mission to add pink into my craft/war room.

I have so many craft projects I’ve done and haven’t had a chance to add them to the blog. Stick around I’ll be adding Valentine’s Day T-shirts I made using my Cricut. I also have loads of things to share on my reorganization of the craft/war room too.

DIY 2 Tiered Craft Room Organizer - DebbiesMusings

Thanks for dropping by! Be sure to follow along so you don’t miss out.




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