Disney’s Finding Dory Memory Box and Scrapbook


I am a memory keeper, which means I want to hang on to my memories for as long as I can. I want to make new memories daily, and lock them up and keep them forever. I’ve always been like this! I keep little trinkets that my kiddies loved to play with as a child. I have little socks from my granddaughters, pacifiers, and little toys they treasured. When Disney sent me their Finding Dory Memory Box and Scrapbook set I was super excited. I had another place to keep my memories and the treasures of my loved ones childhood. Memories are all we have to keep us warm on those lonely nights, and I plan to keep our memories safe. I’ll later pass them on to my children and grand daughters.

Disney's Finding Dory Memory Box Scrapbook Set

Finding Dory Memory Box

With that being said, I am a part of Disney’s extended blogger family. I am blessed to be able to review some of the newly released movies, fun books and more. As I stated above this year as an appreciation gift they sent me the above mentioned gifts, and a copy of their recently released Finding Dory DVD/Blu-ray Combo. I can’t wait to set up the scrapbook starting Jan 2017, I’ll capture all our family memories for us to treasure years down the road.

It’s a little ironic that they sent me a Finding Dory memory box, since Dory’s memory is horrible. Just thought I’d throw that little tid bit in there. So if you have a person that loves keeping memories in a scrapbook, then this would be a great addition to this holiday’s gifts. Don’t forget to grab a Finding Dory DVD which would be perfect for a stocking stuffer.

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