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Hello, my lovelies! I am excited to announce the opening of Debs Crafting Closet my Etsy shop. Yes, finally those of you that have asked if I plan to sell some of the items can finally purchase them. How exciting it that?

This decision is something I’ve struggled with for almost a year now, and something I’ve been praying about. Well, the answer finally arrived and here I am sharing it with you all. I am blessed to be able to make the things I dream up and thankful to be able to finally share with those that are interested. A person can only have so much stuff anyway, right?

Debs Crafting Closet
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Debbie’s Musings is about so many different topics, that’s how my creativity works. I never know what I’ll end up writing or crafting up each day. I wait for ideas to come and I write or create. It works for me and honestly, I don’t think I’d change that.

With that being said, I currently don’t have a set themed for the items I’ll be listing. If that ever changes I’ll let everyone know. Besides I’ve had so many different requests for the things I’ve made if, I didn’t list a variety of items I’d have a few unhappy followers.

Debs Crafting Closet

Debs Crafting Closet
My current plan is to list following:

Planner Accessories – Folder Inserts, Dashboards, Planner Clips, Pen Clip Loops, Planner Bands
Warbinder Accessories – Binder Clips, Bible Verse Cards, Warbinder Clips
Bible Study Items – Bible Tabs, Bookmarks Bible Study Cards
Hair Accessories – Bows, Headbands, Hair Clips and Hair Ties
Seasonal Crafts – Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving & Fall

This list may change based on the items that people show interest in. If you’re interested in seeing some of the current items I have listed click on my logo above. You’ll find some cute planner accessories currently available.

If you haven’t already followed me in the social media links, please feel free to do so now. I will be posting updates here as well in those outlets.


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