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Code of Ethics 

Debbie’s Musings will never make stuff up. What does this mean? It means that if you read a product review/or a service review it’s because I actually used the products/service. On occasions a product will also be reviewed by another household family member, in that case I will disclose this in the review.

I was always taught, If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all! Debbie’s Musings reserves the right to not write about a product. If I can’t find something good or if the product/service doesn’t meet the standards of DM’s , then I won’t write about it. I will notify the product/service rep informing them of my findings, in hopes that they will find it useful. If they would like their product back, I will gladly ship it back at their expense.

Here at Debbie’s Musings we are given stuff… sometimes lots of stuff. Just like those little recommendations on the pages of your favorite magazine telling you to try this or that, us bloggers are also sent products in hopes that it will make it to our featured review page. Nothing new in publications, it’s not controversial either. If you’re reading one of my product reviews/service reviews most likely I was given the product(s) for free, unless otherwise noted. Once in a while I might buy myself something and enjoy it so much that I have to rant and rave about it here. In that case you bet your bottom dollar I will announce I personally paid for the product.

Code of Ethics continued . . .

I am editor/owner/ the queen bee here at Debbie’s Musings. I rarely use profanity or inappropriate images, but should the notion strikes as the owner of Debbie’s Musings I have a right. As stated above I wont’ post a negative review, but I do have the right to have a glass of wine and mention that fact on my blog. (btw, did I mention I was over 21, a mom and grandma?) I reserve the right to reference to drinking wine/cocktails in my reviews. Please don’t ask for this reference to be removed because you’re a ‘family oriented’ company. I am a family friendly woman that may enjoy a glass of wine too.

Debbie’s Musings is a private publication and all editorial controls and copyrights remain with the blog owner. Please note that this will also apply to the advertising on the my blog’s sidebar. If you place an ad in your local newspaper, you’d have no control over the ads placed around your ad.

So with all that being said. It’s apparent from reading my Code of Ethics that my readers/friends are important to me, without them Debbie’s Musings would be just another blog. I don’t want my readers/friends to feel like I am just SELLING them a product/brand. But as their friend I am sharing my experience with a brand/product.

Thanks again for stopping by
<3 Deborah
Owner, Editor and Queen Bee of Debbie’s Musings

we reserve the right to modify the Code of Ethics (created on 3/02/2017) at any time we deem necessary.

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