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I’ve had so many folks ask me if I sell any of my planner accessories, and up until a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t even think to do so. Good news to those that were interested you can now by some of my Planner Accessories in my new Crafty Debs Corner Etsy Shop!

3D Rose Planner Clip - Crafty Debs Corner Etsy Shop

I currently have several of my planner clips,  planner pen holders, and planner binder straps available. I’ll be adding more as the week goes by so be sure to stop by when you can.

Crafty Debs Corner Etsy Shop

It’s a work in progress and I currently only have 14 items listed. Most of them can be customized to suit your individual needs. I have that stated in those that can be.

Head over to CraftyDebsCorner Etsy Shop to see some of the cuteness available.  Fox Planner Clip -  Crafty Debs Corner Etsy Shop Kitten Planner Clip -  Crafty Debs Corner Etsy Shop

Crafty Debs Corner Etsy Shop

ALL my planner accessories are Machine cut and hand pieced back together. I use only the heaviest of cardstock.

Each item is 4 layers of heavy cardstock, two layers for the front and 2 layers for the back. You’ll be able to view the image/design etc on both sides of the planner accessory.  All of the paperclips are secured in between the two outer layers.

Look at all my listing for more planner accessories, planner clips, and planner love items. Follow me on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter @DebbiesMusings.

Perfect addition to any planner addicts collection.

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