Crafty Debs Corner – Craft Room Tour

Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour

I’ve been in my new crafting space for a month or so, but never really showed it off. Remember when I shared my small crafting area? I look back now and feel so bad, the poor Hubs was so patient and willing to just let me take over more and more space in our bedroom. I love him for that! Well after shifting some things around and weeks of organizing and de-cluttering, I am finally ready to share Crafty Debs Corner – Craft Room Tour. It’s almost nearly done. I’d loved to repaint it and get new window treatments but in due time. Anyways we’ve been loving our crafting area and when we aren’t doing chores Izzy and I live in it! She’s my little crafting buddy if I am crafting you bet your bottom dollar Izzy is right along side of me.

Crafty Debs Corner – Craft Room Tour

This room has been many things, an office, Dani’s room, Noah’s Room, Play Room, and now a craft room. It’s a perfect size for the stuff we have now, I mean I wouldn’t mind a bigger craft room! The Hubs always says, the more room I have the more stuff I hoard. Hey, all crafters are hoarders. . . it’s not really hoarding we just know a good treasure when we find it. Right?

Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour

I love the big window in the front of the room, and the bed comes in handy. Those drawers are full of crafting supplies, not only mine but Dani has tons of her painting supplies in the drawer. The bedspread is one of my favorites, I’d love to paint the room to match it! Yes, those are gorillas in the frames, they have been in this room since 2002. The Hubs took them years ago while he was stationed in Berlin.

Crafty Debs Corner – Craft Room Tour
The Desk

Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour - My Desk

I have had this desk for about 12 years now, the Hubs got it for me when I was sewing a lot. It’s actually a sewing cabinet desk, but my Viking sewing machine won’t fit into it. Anyways this is where I do my planning and create a lot of the planner accessories I have in Crafty Debs Corner shop. The gold planner on the stand is my new Happy Planner that I can’t use until July. I can’t wait!! The gold box on the left side of the desk is my beads, glitters, embossing powders, my good pens and sharpies.

There are two stands next to the desk. The short one closest to the desk has all my planner supplies, and my crafting supplies I use for creating some of the planner accessories. The pink box on top is where I store the scrap papers while I am creating a planner clip. Afterward, I trim them up nicely and add to my scrap drawer as shown in image 3 below. The girls also know anything in the pink tray is up for grabs. Izzy loves the pink tray!

The taller wooden stand with all the drawers, hold all my card stock. It has 9 drawers each one is pretty full. They are the perfect size for 12 x 12 scrapbook paper. There is a ledge in the back that prevents the paper from sliding out the backside. I got this lovely item from a thrift store for $12.

Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour - Wooden Cardstock Drawers 1 Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour -Wooden Cardstock Drawers 2 Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour -Wooden Cardstock Drawers 3 Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour -Wooden Cardstock Drawers

Crafty Debs Corner – Craft Room Tour
Creating Area

On the wall, you can see my “deb’s place” letters. The Hubs got me those for Christmas a couple of years ago. He’s so thoughtful and always wants me to feel like I have my own little place in our house. I love the white shelf, which has been here since forever ago, I put some of my gold painted vases and tea cups from Alice Through the Looking Glass promo I got a few years back.

I want to get some more of the tissues flowers, but in yellow and gray to match the bedspread. The pink picture frame on the right wall there has a golden key on it. I can’t tell you why I made that one, I just did.

Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - Pretty Boxes Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - PinkGold Box

Then there are the boxes! I love my boxes! White and gold dots boxes, gold with flower box, gold, white striped boxes, and pink with gold striped box. Each one is stocked with various crafting supplies for making hair bows, planner tassels, planner clips, there are buttons, paper flowers etc.

Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - Gold Flower Box Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - Gold Dots Box2 Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - Gold Dots Box1

Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - Gold Flower Box3 Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - Gold Strip Boxes

Crafty Debs Corner – Craft Room Tour
Craft Room Closet & More Creating Space

Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour - Craft Closet 1 Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour - Craft Closet

Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - Cricut CornerThis is where I store seasonal craft supplies and a few home decor items I’ve made. (if you look closely you can see the top shelf packed to the top) I also keep my laptop, printer, and Cricut machine here too. The long table top was installed over 10 yrs ago when the Hubs and I were both utilizing this space as an office. I’d love to replace it with a wood unit that has shelving and drawers etc. But I am happy to have this space.

The brown drawer cart under the table top has some of my vinyl, glue guns, and my lighted tracing table thing. I also have a drawer full of craft paints. See the bulletin board on the wall it’s normally full of little things the girls have made, each month I take the pieces down and put them in their boxes. When they are grown and I am old, I hope to pull them out and share with each of them all the little things they used to make while at grandmas house. I like to call them memories in a box.

Crafty Debs Corner – Craft Room Tour
Artwork and Final Craft Supplies Shelves

We’ve almost come full circle on the craft room tour. There are a few wall artwork and the area where I store craft supplies that the girls are allowed to use anytime, so long as they clean up after themselves.

Crafty Debs Corner - Craft Room Tour - Eat Sleep Create Repeat Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - My Happy Place

The dresser turned craft supply shelf. Every day I think about tossing this baby out, but it works great for allowing the girls access to craft supplies easily. Yes, there is a TV in the craft room. There wasn’t one in here because I don’t watch TV, but one day Izzy wasn’t feeling well and wanted to just lay around. It made it so much easier to have her in eye sight watching her favorite My Little Pony DVD.

The left side is where the girl’s crafty supplies are, the bottom right has mine and Dani’s sewing machines. I also have some of my weights I use when working out in the gray chevron box. The top right is where I keep boxes of ribbon and the felt I use for the girl’s hair bows. On top of the shelf, I have some of my little journals and another tea-cup stand.

Crafty Debs Corner Craft Room Tour - Glass Craft Supply Holders

See those little space ship things with the crayons, glue, etc in them? Well, those were supposed to be glittered up to represent Minnie and Mickey and the other two were going to be Harley and Joker. I never got around to finishing them, then realized the girls use them too much and the glitter would be all over them.

Well that’s it folks you’ve just taken a tour of my craft room. Like I said I’d love to repaint, put up new drapes, add a wooden unit in the closet and find something different for the girl’s craft supplies. But I am perfectly fine and love my craft room.

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