Crafting Space Update – Planner Love

Crafting Room Update - Planner Love - Washi Tape Holder

I have an obsession with Kate Spade desk accessories, but honestly I am not about to spend that kind of money on something that sits on my desk. Not no . . . but heck no! So what does a DIY’er, crafty kind of person do? Well we create our own and enjoy it just as much! Oh and the little secret? We could fill our desk up with tons of things for the price of one. So do you wanna see some of my crafty creations? I thought you did! Here’s a few of my Crafting Space Update – Planner Love Additions . . . for now . . . but this lady has a tons more to share *smiles* The picture below is before some of the newest additions.

Small Crafting Area Transformation - 1

Crafting Space Update Planner Love Additions
New Gold Stripped Accessories

I took a few $1 store glass vases, some blue painters tape and gold spray paint. Use the painters tape to cover the areas you don’t want to paint, then spray paint the other areas. Let dry and remove tape. There ya go a pretty Kate Spade inspired vase. Best part? You made it! You paid less than $3 to make it! Crafting Space Update - Planner Love - Pen Holder

Crafting Space Update – Planner Love Additions
Gold stripped little jars

I found some small jars at Michael’s 2 years ago, I originally was going to put fake snow in them with a little tiny Christmas tree, but never got around to do it. I think they cost me a $2 each jar then I had a coupon for 20% my entire purchase. All I did was cover the areas I didn’t want to paint with the blue tape, and spray paint the other areas. Let them dry then remove the tape. Super cute!! They are the perfect size for my planner paper clips, my little gold handled scissors, some paper roses I have an idea for. So cute! Cost was about $5 to make them all.

Crafting Space Update - Planner Love

Crafting Space Update – Planner Love Additions
Wooden Crate – Leaning Glass Pen Holders

I got the wooden crate from Michael’s it was on sale for $4.99. I was going to paint it a cream color, then thought of light pink or gold. But in the end I decided to keep it natural looking so it’s unpainted. The 2 round glass vases holding my pens are from the $1 store. I kept them unpainted as well I didn’t want to over do the colors. The square vase holding my Sharpies is an old vase that I got flowers in years ago. I did paint this one gold because it was red, then I tied a pink ribbon around it to add a little pop.

Crafting Space Update – Planner Love Additions
Washi Tape Love

Crafting Space Update - Planner Love - Washi Tape Holder

These washi tape rolls are my favorites! I have this passion for the golds, and pinks right now. When I came across these the other day at Michael’s I had to have them. They cost me $4.99 not on sale, but I had a 40% coupon off one regular priced item. Plus I also had another coupon that gave me 20% off my entire purchase. I scored big time that day!

I basically added two more gold hooks to my bulletin board shelf, tied a ribbon with looped ends, and put all my favorite washi tape on it.

Crafting Space Update – Planner Love Additions
Total Cost for the newest additions

I think I probably got away with spending a max of $15 on all the stuff I used. Right above the green metal lunch box you’ll see more washi tape. The box was $5 around Christmas time.

After adding some gold polka dot washi tape to the sides, I pulled the first two rows of tape out and used thumb tacks to hang it to the wall. Thumb tacks work great for light things and the holes are so tiny. Just take a little paint brush and cover them up in seconds.

Crafting Space Update – Planner Love Additions
So much more to come!

See those gold and white boxes? How about the large pink one? Well those are all loaded with my new Planner stuff! I am waiting for my planner to arrive then I’ll be adding tons of Planner Love How Tos’ as well as some of the planner accessories I am making. If you are a planner and love your planner accessories you’re going to want to stick around. I have tons of planner love articles on the calendar. PS. ignore the ugly coffee cup :) on the desk.

Crafting Space Update - Planner Love 1



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