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Grand-parenting Teaching Life Lessons

Grand-parenting - Just when you think

Before I tell you about my conversation with my 8 yr. old granddaughter Kayden I thought I’d share with you some of the reasons why this article brought a smile to my face. As a grandma who plays a big role in her grand daughter’s upbringing, it’s often hard to be a grandma and do the grand-parenting at the same time.…

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The Day I fell in love with my Husband

The Day I fell in Love with my Husband

A little over 15 years ago in a quiet little pizza shop, I  was clueless as to how my life was about to change. Never in a million years did I believe I’d actually find the happiness I have experienced over the years. Looking back on this day I now see how perfect it was, as giddy as I was then…

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#weeklyfeature Grandmas #lilmodels

#weeklyfeature - Kayden

I got the girls pretty Easter hats the other day. They both decided to be #lilmodels and pose for the camera. They turned out so cute I thought it would be nice to share them in our #weeklyfeature. Above is Izzy short for Elizabeth, she’s my little crafty maven. She’s also my little drama queen. But I love her to…

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Raising Children Cheaply- Talks with Kayden

Raising Children - Talks with Kayden

The other day while enjoying snack time with the girls Kayden started talking about Raising Children Cheaply. She definitely has some pretty good ideas, just not sure how her future children will take it all! She’s so stinking cute and really puts a lot of thought into things. Kayden is an 8 yr. old going on 30. Ughh! Well let’s…

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