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Summer is right around the corner which means swimsuit season. So it’s time to get bootylicious! Yesterday I challenged you with the 30 Day Squat Challenge and mentioned some other exercises that would be great for the booty. Today I want to tell you about one of those helpful booty exercises donkey kicks. The exercise actually looks like a donkey kick and I have step by step instructions below.

Booty Exercises Donkey Kicks – Muscles Targeted

Glutes and Hamstrings are primarily engaged by doing Donkey Kicks.

Booty Exercises Donkey Kicks - Glutes-Hamstrings

Notice that there are two groups of glutes, the gluteus maximus, and the gluteus medius.

Booty Exercises Donkey Kicks – Equipment needed

You’ll need a mat or towel or a comfy place to exercise. Other than that no equipment is needed to do a donkey kick, but some like to use a dumbbell and ankle weights.

Booty Exercises Donkey Kicks – How to do a Proper Donkey Kick

There are 5 simple steps to doing a proper donkey kick. There are also different variations of a donkey kick, I am teaching you one way.

1. Kneel down with elbows and knees on the mat/towel. Your elbows should be a shoulder width and your knees hip width apart. You can also keep your arms extended (see image below)
2. Keeping your knee bent at 90 degrees, slowly kick back extending your leg out as high as you can go without breaking form.
3. Lower the knee without touching the floor and repeat.
4. Once you’ve completed the reps with your one leg, switch legs.

Do as many as you’d like. I think a good starting point for a beginner would be 15 each leg 2 times. As you feel more comfortable you can do more and to it 3 times each leg. BTW in case, you didn’t know the 15 donkey kicks would be considered a Rep. So you later might see 15 Reps x 2, sometimes the lingo might get confusing.

Booty Exercises Donkey Kicks – Visual

Below are some images of how a donkey kick looks. Remember you can either kneel on your elbows or keep your arm extended straight. The image below is showing how to do the exercise with your arms extended.

Booty Exercises Donkey Kicks

Exercise at extend

Booty Exercises Donkey Kicks - Kick Back

Then go back to starting point. Donkey Kicks are a fairly easy exercise to do, but I don’t suggest doing this if you have hips problems or knee problems. I am not a fitness instructor nor am I an expert. These exercises have worked for me over the years and they might for you as well.

Look for some other great booty exercises over the week. Please take the time to connect with me in the social media outlets found on the right sidebar or upper right corner.

Happy Exercising!! Get bootylicious for the hot upcoming summer!

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