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I am not really one to do the bling decor, well not yet anyway. But one day I saw a Christmas centerpiece that used what I call a Bling Christmas Vase which was filled with Frosted Christmas Branches. Something about it made me want one for my branches. So here I am today sharing with you how I made my own Bling Christmas Vase. This is another great Dollar Tree craft everything needed for it can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.

What do you think of my Bling Christmas Vase? I think it looks elegant with the frosted branches and would be pretty on a table. I haven’t started putting all my crafts in their places yet. But after Thanksgiving, they won’t be grouped on this one little table any longer.

Bling Christmas Vase

Bling Christmas Vase

Items Needed: See image below ignore the Epsom Salt that was used on the Frosted Branch.
2 – Dollar Tree Vases
1- Roll of Diamond Wrap from Dollar Tree
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

If you find more than one roll of the diamond wrap and you like decorating with bling, I suggest you grab yourself a few extras these seem to go as fast as they stock them.

Frosted Christmas Branch Supplies

Remove the stickers from the bottom of your vases. Wrap the diamond wrap around the vase and cut it to length. You’ll need to make 6 strips of the diamond wrap 3 for each vase. Put some glue on the last little strip of diamond wrap and secure it to the lower edge of the vase. Then add another little line of glue on diamond wrap about 8 rows forward and secure it to the vase.

When you’re securing the diamond wrap make sure that it’s being evenly placed and not crooked. It can be easily removed if it goes on crooked but, who wants to start over? Keep doing this process until your ends meet up and you’ve secured one strip of diamond wrap to the lower edge of the vase.

Add the last two strips of diamond wrap repeating the process you used for the first strip. Do this for both vases. Again if you don’t like how one of the strips went on you can easily remove it, by pulling it gently away from the glass. I was able to reuse a strip that I had to remove, you should be able to reuse yours as well.

Bling Christmas Vase – Final Thoughts

Again I am not much into bling but a little here and there looks elegant/classy. These would be pretty as centerpieces for a winter wedding, with the frosted Christmas branches. The only thing I might do differently next time would be cut one of the diamond rows off the wrap making the strip a bit thinner. Other than that it doesn’t get any easier. You can make two vases for $3 using Dollar Tree finds. Even if you had to buy a glue gun and glue sticks you could still make 2 vases for less than $10. Not bad if I do say so myself. I like making things that aren’t expensive to make, but look like they are expensive pieces.

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