Big Happy Fitness Planner and Fitness Reboot

Big Happy Fitness Planner Before The Pen - DebbiesMusings

This year I didn’t do my typical New Year’s resolution, instead, I wanted to focus more on my faith. Now that I feel a little more stable/grounded it’s time to focus on my fitness. I admit I’ve done it again and I’ve gained back some of the weight I previously lost. Go figure right? I mean it’s a cycle for me and I’ve repeated it numerous times, that is one of the main reasons I started off focusing on my faith first. I figured if I was somewhat grounded I might be able to stop this yo-yo cycle. So, wish me luck! Part of focusing on my fitness this time around,  I’ve decided to use of one my planners to help keep me on track. So welcome to my Big Happy Fitness Planner and fitness reboot beginning again.

Big Happy Fitness Planner - DebbiesMusings

Big Happy Fitness Planner

I am using a Big Happy Planner to track my fitness goals, workouts, water, and meals. Basically, I’ve turned a normal Big Happy Planner into a fitness planner without buying the fitness inserts. It’s really easy and can be done by just adding a few lines, phrases etc. to your weekly layout of your planner.

Currently, I am tracking my meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don’t do snacks at the start of my fitness reboots. I also want to track my water until my water drinking habit kicks in. Then I am tracking my Apple Watch Activity (Apple Fitness) both my daily steps and distance. I have another section for each day I haven’t decided what to do with it. I was thinking of daily thoughts, struggles or mood.

Big Happy Fitness Planner Before The Pen - DebbiesMusings

Big Happy Fitness Planner – Fitness Reboot

It’s a full reboot, you know the kind you do when your computer is acting up? The one where you’ve actually got to just unplug it to get it to turn off. Yep, that’s where I am at. I’ve shut down and I am finally powered back on. I feel like I’ve got the power to get what I need to get done, I’ll keep you updated on that.

I will be doing low-carbs it’s what I know, it works, and it’s something that has always been easy for me. That means I’ll be sharing low-carb recipes again. Excited? HA! Probably as excited as I am at giving up all the sweet things I enjoy. Anyways it’s what needs to be done and I am doing it. See how strong I sound?

Fitness Reboot – Working Out & Cardio

Well, when you do a fitness reboot you’ve got to include some exercises, and that thing they call cardio. So, my friends, you’ll be seeing some workout & cardio related articles too! Oh, Joy Right? I will be focusing on upper, middle, and lower body. I guess I could have said the entire body huh? Anyways you’ll soon be seeing workouts for your arms, shoulders, back, legs, booty, and abs. Did I tell you that I think mine took a vacation? Yeah, them babies have packed up and are probably hanging out on a beach somewhere.

The workout routines I will be sharing will probably not have a lot of jumping or running. My ankles have screws and plates holding them together, and I decided to stand on a stool last year to hang balloons and fell. So my left knee is a wreck so I can’t do a lot of those things without feeling pain for days.

Fitness Reboot – Change your eating habits

I think I mentioned that I would be doing a low-carb meal plan. I am completely aware that in order to not gain weight, to lose weight and to maintain the weight you’ve got to eat properly. Yeah, I can’t do that! I have a sweet tooth that really loves kicking me in my bum. If I am not restricting that stuff entirely then, I am stuffing my face and gut with them. So time to get the low-carb bandwagon, once again. So here’s lunch! Tuna, avocado (I didn’t eat) cheddar cheese sprinkled with black pepper.

Tuna Cheese and Avacado - Lunch DebbiesMusings

Final Thoughts – Big Happy Fitness Planner and Fitness Reboot

This advice is for everyone trying to lose weight, or maintain it you’ve got to eat healthily. What works for me may or may not work for you, you’ve got to find your own healthy way of eating. But like I said before I’ll be sharing some of my meals, recipes etc. all geared toward a very low-carb menu plan. You’ll find my low-carb recipe board here on Pinterest, and my workouts here on Pinterest. Follow me on Instagram for daily shots of my planner, food, workouts etc.

Big Happy Fitness Planner – Healthy Eating and Exercises here I come! Join me, follow me, ask me questions. Let’s get this low-carb, exercising, big happy fitness planner party started shall we? Oh, I should make sure you’re all aware that I am not a dietician, a personal trainer nor do I claim to be. I do however share with my reader’s things that I do, that work for me and hope by sharing I might encourage some of you to start your own fitness journey.

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2 Replies to “Big Happy Fitness Planner and Fitness Reboot”

  1. Wishing you the best on sticking to your reboot. I have definitely had to prioritize goals, so I understand. It’s also hard to find what works for you specifically – since the internet is full of diets, workouts, fitness tricks, etc. I’ve gained and lost weight ever since I was a kid… and I think I’ve finally found what I can stick with. I lost 40 pounds about 3 years ago and have actually kept it off! Sure, I might fluctuate 5-10 pounds, but I feel healthier and more physically fit.

    Things that help me:
    1. Tracking my workouts – I keep a calendar of what I did when (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE – I’ve only done the free workouts, but there are SO many to choose from – and you can search by body area, time, equipment, etc. – and they are real people doing the workouts with you!)
    2. Drinking lots of water – I’m used to it now. I probably drink a gallon a day – and I don’t really have any other beverages I drink.
    3. Include veggies I like to fill me up – like broccoli! I love that stuff! If I’m out to eat, I try to add a side of steamed broccoli (and eat it first). But even at home, I try to have broccoli or salad with every meal (hubby might get unsweetened applesauce because he doesn’t like many veggies).
    4. Know that it’s a lifestyle for me – there’s no “goal” that will let me stop doing these things. I read an article talking about if you only got one car for your whole life, think of how well you’d treat it – well, we only get one body, so I’m trying to treat it as good as I can (and know that cookies and sweets are OK but don’t eat too much!).

  2. Liz, thanks so much for dropping in and leaving the tips. I agree with you once it starts to become a “diet” or something other than a Lifestyle change it becomes to restricted for me.

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