Bible Study Where to Start? Don’t be Overwhelmed.

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Are you new to Bible Study or like myself lost sight and trying to find your way back? Either way, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Being someone that’s made it her resolution to grow in faith this year I know first hand how overwhelming it can be. I wanted to share some of my Bible Study Where to Start tips that have helped me.

Bible Study Where to Start

First, before you think about opening your Bible you should pray. Thank God for blessing you with things you’ve been blessed with. Then ask him to open your heart, mind, and soul to understand what he wants you to learn. Ask him to guide you through your studies. He’ll answer you! Before you know it your Bible study and prayer life will be something you will continually understand, grow in, want and need.

Prayer is a powerful weapon. God can do amazing things with our prayers.

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Bible Study Where to Start – Things that have helped me.

Reading the Right Version of the Bible

If you’re new to Bible Study don’t just pick up a Bible and start reading. It can be super overwhelming. This mistake alone can deflate your desire to study God’s word. You should find the Bible that’s right for you. If you don’t understand the words you’re reading it’s never going to work.

Plan a day to spend some time at a Christian bookstore. I am talking about a minimum of an hour. Grab various Bible translations and find your self a table to sit at and compare them. Read the same verse in each translation, which one really speaks to you? Which one do you understand the most? After you’ve found the Bible you’re comfortable reading you’ll notice some of the confusion/overwhelming feelings will be less.

Bibles I currently use

I am using the following Bible translations:
King James Verison – I use this for my main study/reading Bible
New International Verison – I use to compare Bible verses. I love seeing the different wordings etc.
Amplified Bible – I use this Bible as a reference for verses that I am having a hard time understanding.
Woman’s Bible Study – Another great reference Bible.

I  have many other Bibles in my collection as I love looking how each Bible translates the verses.

Bible Study Where to Start - Debbies Musings

Bible Study Where to Start – Let’s Started

A suggestion from a Bible study I did which I believe to be “Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be” by Donna Partow. Suggests that if you make your Bible study area, appealing, inviting, enticing it will help you set the mood. Think about it, do you have a favorite room in your house? Why? Do you find yourself wanting to be in this room often? Well, it’s the same concept here, create a space that you love and you’ll find yourself there often.

I did this by adding my Bible study elements to my craft room which has always been my favorite room. It’s now called my War Room & Craft room. You’ll find all things pretty and faith-related in this room. Even my pretty prayer board.

What is a War Room and War Binder - DebbiesMusings War Room- Craft Room 2

Bible Study Where to Start – Another Tip

If you like just diving into things then, pick up your Bible and dive in. But if you are like me I need a little boost, direction, basically something structured. Then it might help to find a Bible Study to start with. The first study I did was Becoming the Woman God’s Wants Me to Be by Donna Partow. I highly recommend this Bible study, it’s a great kick-starter and she even has you set up your own prayer/ war binder for the study.

After the study, I converted my war binder to better suit my needs. But I without the Bible study I was honestly stumped at where to start in creating a war binder – prayer journal.

I bought the book off of Amazon and if you’re interested here’s the link to purchase it. As of today 3/29/18, it’s on sale for $10.78 which is a good deal, I got it for full price.

Bible Study Where to Start - Debbies Musings - My tips

Bible Study Suggestions – You don’t have to buy a Bible Study Book

If funds are tight or you just don’t want to spend money right now don’t worry. There are so many Bible Studies listed on my Bible Study Pinterest board. If you can’t find any you like on my board, do a search for Bible Studies for Woman. You’ll see tons of them that are free, that have a list of verses to read daily etc. There are so many ideas on Pinterest, you just gotta do the searching.

Bible Study Where to Start Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve been able to take something from this article, and you’ll walk away knowing where to start. I will be sharing more Bible Study tips, how to set up your War Binder/ Prayer Journal, and talking more about my method of studying the scriptures that pop out at me.

I will also be sharing some of the War Binder – Prayer Journal and Planner Cards (shown in the first image above) I’ve made that are available in my Etsy Shop – DebsCraftingCloset

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