Awesome August Booty Challenge

Awesome August Booty Challenge

Finally August is here! I’ve been looking forward to a brand new start, a clean slate and new fitness goals. I want to start targeting a body part/muscle group monthly by doing fitness challenges. So for the first fitness challenge, I thought we could target the booty, hey who doesn’t want to be bootylicious? Let’s get this fitness party started with our Awesome August Booty Challenge! 

This challenge will start today, I know a day late but I am going to combine day 1 and day 2 in today’s workout. You can always add them in on another day if you’d like. Just like with any exercise program if you have medical issues please consult your Dr. before starting this challenge. Enjoy and have fun with this challenge.

Debbie's Musings #DebGettingFit47 -  Awesome August Booty Challenge

 Awesome August Booty Challenge

There are 5 different exercises that are done in this booty challenge. I have included images to help you understand how each one is done. But you can always look them up if you need more assistance.

  • Sumo Squat
  • Narrow Squat
  • Basic Squat
  • Crossed Leg Squat
  • Straight Leg Donkey Kick

They are all fairly easy as long as you don’t have horribly bad knees. The only one that I have a slight problem doing is the crossed leg squat as I have horrible balance. If you’re a beginner to squats then you can adjust the amounts to suit your fitness level, but remember it’s ok to push yourself a little beyond the comfort zone. Here’s a little fitness motivation!


Awesome August Booty Challenge

The only things you will need for doing this challenge are the following;

I have included the infographic as a downloadable document on google. You can download it on your own computer or print it to help make the challenge easier to follow. If you like this challenge you may want to consider following DebGettingFit47 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I share daily fitness motivation, low carb living tips, keto friendly recipes, as well as my weekly workout plans.

Thanks for dropping by! Good Luck with the Awesome August Booty Challenge!


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