Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes

Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes - 1

Ever packed for a vacation and when you try to close the suitcase it wouldn’t zip? Are you one of those people that will bring extra outfits just in case? Well, join the club! My hubby always goes behind me and unpacks half the stuff I’ve packed for him. Now that we have a set of Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes, I might get away with packing those extra outfits, and if I put all the hub’s things in a packing cube he’ll never notice the extra just in case clothes I pack for him too. Hey, it’s better to be prepared than have to miss out on something because you didn’t bring that extra dress shirt.

Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes

Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes
6 Piece Set

Amelleon packing cubes are made from strong, ultralight, durable, water-resistant nylon. They have double corded pulls for easily gripping the zippers. The seams on the packing cubes are double stitched, which will help them survive the baggage handlers. The set includes the following packing cube sizes.

Large – 18.1″ x 13″x 4.7″
2 – Large – 13.8″ x 10.6″ x 3.9″
Medium – 11.8″ x 7.9″ x 3.2″
Shoes bag – 13″ x 9.1″ x 4.7″
Laundry bag – 20.9″ x 15″

Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes - 2 Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes -3

Using these packing cubes you’ll definitely have enough space to fit all the clothes you’ll need during your travels. They are each in a different color with mesh front cover to help you identify and classify the items much easier, plus you can view what you’ve packed through the mesh window. Did I mention the travel laundry bag? I love love this part of the set no matter how prepared I am for my trip I always forget our laundry bag.

Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes

Compress and maximum space by squeezing out the excess air, save over 30% packing space using these handy packing cubes.

Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes - 4
Learn more or purchase your own set of Amelleon Large Capacity Packing Cubes here. You’re going to love this colorful, durable packing cube set.

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