Alice Through The Looking Glass released 10-18-2016

Alice Through the Looking Glass - Alice Mad Hatter

Good news for anyone that didn’t get to see Alice Through The Looking Glass at the theaters. It was officially released on Digital HD, Blu-ray and Disney Movies October 18th. We are a big Disney Movie family and I happily admit to owning many… many Disney Movies on DVD. Being a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, I was super excited about Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Alice Through The Looking Glass DVD

Step through the magical looking-glass and behind the scenes to discover how filmmakers created this riveting return to the whimsical world of the Underland! 

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August 5, 2016 – Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” forever changed the landscape of children’s literature. Disney’s animated “Alice in Wonderland” embraced this fantasy world filled with peculiar characters. Directed by Tim Burton (one of my favorite directors!!) this visually stunning, live action film that mesmerized audiences worldwide.

You can even own your own copy because on October 18th, 2016, the enchanting and beloved franchise that has captivated generations of adventurers continues with Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” by releasing it on Digital HD, Blu-ray, Disney Movies Anywhere, DVD and On-Demand.

Alice Through the Looking Glass bonus features on the Digital HD/SD Blu-Ray like:

A Stitch in Time Costuming Wonderland – Colleen Atwood costume designer explains how costuming help shape the curious characters of UnderLand and reveals hidden Easter Eggs within the cast’s ornate outfits.

Music Video – Just Like Fire by Pink. Then go behind the scenes and watch the video being made.

Behind the Looking Glass – Jump back and forth through time during this in-depth look into the making of Alice Through the Looking Glass, hosted by director James Bobin.

Time On – Delight in a discussion with the unpredictable and witty Sacha Baron Cohen who plays Time, the keeper of Chronosphere, a metallic sphere that powers all time.

There is so much more, you really don’t want to miss out of this movie.

I think my favorite part about this movie, is the fact that this movie reunites the cast from Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland. I am absolutely in love with Johnny Deep, shhh don’t tell The Hub’s. Well let me clarify that, I like Johnny Deep but dress that man up as the Mad Hatter and … well then you’ve got me hook line and sinker! Hey I am as mad as he is … some days :) The Hub’s and I even dressed up as Alice and the Mad Hatter 5 years ago.

Alice Through the Looking Glass Promotional Kit

Not only was I lucky to receive my own copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass Digital HD, Blu-ray combo DVD, but I also received a great Alice Through the Looking Glass promotional kit. I am so happy I was included in the promotional event.

Alice Through The Looking Glass - Tea Party Promotion

The box had a beautiful Alice Through The Looking Glass inspired tea-pot, tea cups and saucers. Included was a sample box of some delicious teas, and a bag of scones mix. I fell in love with tea set at first sight! I want to dress up as Alice now and drink tea. Speaking of dressing up, I will be Alice this year for a Halloween, and The Hub’s will be the Mad Hatter. I can’t wait to show you our costumes later!

Alice Through The Looking Glass - Tea Pot Promotion


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