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Thank you for showing interest in Debbie’s Musings! It would be my pleasure to help you promote and grow your business. Looking to target the right audience to promote your products, or boost your sales? Want to get more visibility for your website? You’ve come to the right place. Read more below about how you can Advertise on Debbie’s Musings.



Advertise on Debbie's Musings

Different ways to Advertise on Debbie’s Musings

We offer many forms of Advertisements here from products reviews, giveaways, sponsored articles, social media promotion, to banner ads. If we don’t have the option you’d like to offer DM, please feel free to email me. You can see our current ad sizes offered here on DM below.

If you’d like to know more about having your product or giveaway featured here on Debbie’s Musings please read our Product Review & Giveaway Guidelines article or email me. Feel free to download a printable copy of our Media Kit, which is updated every quarter.

Advertising banner sizes

300 x 250 – Sidebar Ad
468 x 60 – After Title of a Single Post
300 x 250 – End of Single Post
300 x 300 – Middle of page of a Single Post

The above ad banners will run for a minimum of 3 months and max of 12 months. This means that if you decide to place an Ad on Debbie’s Musings you’ll be placing it for at least a 3 month time frame. All fees due upon placement of Ad payable by Paypal.

Advertise on Debbie’s Musings – by a Sponsored Article

I do write sponsored articles as long as it pertains to my niche, and after I’ve done research to back up my review for a minimal charge. All sponsored articles WILL be family friendly, and I will not write articles on anything to do with adult rated matters, or anything to do with gambling/poker. Please don’t ask.

I will be sharing every sponsored article in my social media networks listed below. Articles are shared every 2 days for 1 week time frame, then I will share once a week for the next three weeks. This will give your article a total of 1 month sharing exposure. A promotion like this will drive more traffic to your product, potentially increase your sales, and give my readers an insight of what your company sells/offers etc.

For fees and additional information, use the contact form or email me. I am flexible and love to hear your ideas as well, so please don’t hesitate to ask or suggest your pitches.

Advertising Guidelines and Rules

1. Ads placed here on Debbie’s Musings will be appropriate for my readers and related to my many of topics.

2. Currency is USD only. Payable by Paypal upon advertisement placement.

3. All ads will run for a minimum of a 3 month term. ex: start date 1/15/17 end date 4/15/17 and a max of 12 months with a renewal available at term.

4. See our FTC Disclosure, Privacy Policy, Sitemap and Contact Pages.