Episode 3 Talks with Elizabeth – I got this Grandma


During the Holidays it’s hard to keep you updated on Adventures in Grandparents Land, not that there hasn’t been plenty of fun stories to share. It’s just a busy time of year for us and I apologize for not keeping your current on our adventures. This this past week Elizabeth was at it again, and it’s time for Episode 3 Talks with Elizabeth – I got this Grandma

Episode 3 Talks with Elizabeth

Kevin had just walked in the door from a 3 day conference, and Elizabeth was at the table having a snack. She looked over at the water cooler (the ones that you put the 5 gallon jugs on) and the red water out indicator light was blinking. Our conversation went like this:

Elizabeth: Grandma, what’s that red light mean?
Me: Oh, looks like I have to put the new jug of water in the cooler.
Elizabeth: Let me finish my snack and I’ll take care of it.
Me: The jug is pretty heavy Izzie and I am pretty sure it’s going to be to hard for you.
Elizabeth: Just let me handle it.
Me: Um. . . ok lets see if you can handle it, but if you need help call Grandpa or I.
Elizabeth: I got this.

I remind her to finish her snack, clean her hands and if she needs help to call me. I still hadn’t said hello to Kevin yet, so I walked back to our room. While we were catching up, we here Izzie say I am done and the door to the garage open. I then remembered why the door opened. I smiled and told Kevin, aah it’s just Izzie she insists she’s changing the water jug. He laughed and replied with Oh geez really.

Episode 3 Talks with Elizabeth

We both then walked to the doorway and there was Izzie sitting on the floor in front of the door with the 5 gallon jug in front of her. She actually moved it a good foot. We both said, Izzie let us help you we don’t want you to get hurt. She replied back with “Guys, I got this! Let me do it” Smiling at each other we said well ok just call us if you need us and walked back to our room. We both thought ok she’ll be at this for a little while, and waited for her call.

and the story continues

After about 3 mins of hearing nothing, I mean not a peep we walked back to the doorway. Well not in a million years did we expect to find what we found. She did it! Not only did she manage to get the 5 gallon jug up and in the house, she also managed to get the jug to the cooler. We were in shock and here’s how the rest of the conversation went:

Kev and I both said: Wow, Izzie you did it! But how the heck did you manage to get it inside?
Elizabeth: I just moved the rug, and rolled it up and over here.
Now let me point out that the door from the garage and where the cooler is, is a good 20+ feet.
Me: Wow Izzie you’re such a smarty pants.
Elizabeth: Yes, I am a smart ass.
Kev and I started laughing. I know we shouldn’t have but it’s one of those times when you can’t help it. Kev then reminded her she wasn’t allowed to cuss.

Episode 3 Talks with Elizabeth - I got this

So she did do it, and she did it without our help too. She’s a smart little girl sometimes to smart for her own good. Of course we kept our eye on her and would have been at her side in seconds should she needed our help. She not only got the jug inside but she literally took off the old one, removed the little pull tab on the new one and got it set up in the cooler. She even remembered to turn off the cooler while she was changing the jug.


This little girl keeps the laughs coming and Adventures in Grandparents Land hilarious! Can’t wait to share the next adventure with you.


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