Episode 2 Talks with Elizabeth – Scolding Cat


The adventures in Grandparents Land is never ending entertainment, these two girls come up some of the best stories. Today I had the cutest conversation with Elizabeth, and knew I had to share it as Episode 2 Talks with Elizabeth.



Today as I was washing dishes when Elizabeth walks into the kitchen and starts to talk about the dish washer. Below is our conversation.

Episode 2 Talks with Elizabeth. . .

Elizabeth: *Opening the dishwasher*  Saying: Grandma I know what is wrong with the dishwasher.

Me: Oh, really what’s wrong with it?

Elizabeth: Well I think the cat broke it, she climbed in it and her hair got in it.

Now let me mention, I have yet to see October (that’s our cat) in the dish washer. But hey I could be wrong!! Ok back to the conversation.

Me: Wow, really I didn’t think October liked water so maybe it wasn’t her.

Elizabeth: Yes, it was the cat and I’ll tell you she broke the spinner with her hair. *pointing to the spinner part* I believe the problem is called Spinner ra torsos. We need to talk to that cat and give it a ticket for 120 thousand million dollars.

Me: Wholly cow, that sounds like a serious problem. We have to make sure we tell grandpa what the problem is.

Elizabeth: Now I need to talk to the cat and tell her how she broke the dishwasher. *walking to the lania*

Episode 2 Talks with Elizabeth – now this is where it gets real funny!

I hear her saying: Hey cat! Come here I need to talk to you!! Then she begins scolding October, telling her that she broke the dishwasher and it’s got Spinner ra torsos. Elizabeth tells October that it was the her hair that broke it, and we are going to have to give her a ticket for 120 thousand million dollars.

She walks back into the kitchen and I assume she feels better because the conversation is over. Yes, the Adventures in Grandparents Land never ends. I should probably start recording them, for the day when I am old and lonely. I could listen to the recordings and smile.

Life in Grandparents Land are great! Come back often as we have plenty Talks with Elizabeth and Talks with Kayden that we will be sharing.

Do you have little talks with your children or grandchildren, that you later wished you had written down? Sometimes they are just to good not to share! Thanks for stopping by and reading another great Adventure in Grandparents Land – Talks with Elizabeth.



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