Married Life Fun – The Deb N Kev Show

Married Life Fun - Debbies Musings

The Deb N Kev Show is a series reflecting on our married life, the hilarious conversations we have, and the oddest predicaments we manage to get ourselves into.

Married Life Fun - The Deb N Kev Show

Why did I create the Deb N Kev Show?

The Hub’s and I have been together almost 15 yrs. In March of 2017 we will be celebrating our 13th. anniversary. We have often laughed and joked on how we should start our own show called the Deb N Kev Show. I knew I had to include this series in the newly launched Debbie’s Musings.

What can you expect to see in the Deb N Kev Show series?

As I stated above this series will reflect on our life as a married couple. Some of the articles will be about us being goofy, the darnedest things we say, and the silly stuff we do. I’ll also share some of our vacations we’ve taken, as well as some of the rants I listen to while the Hub’s is driving home in Tampa rush hour traffic.

Please feel free to contact me at debbiesmusings at gmail dot com with any questions or suggestions you may have. If you’re interested in having Debbie’s Musings feature your product or host a giveaway send me your pitch today.

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