12 Days of Christmas Crafts & DIY Decor

12 Days of Christmas Crafts

Hello, my lovelies! It’s that time of year when craft rooms worldwide get a little messier! That’s right all you wonderful crafters, let the Christmas crafting commence! This year I am kicking it off with 12 Days of Christmas Crafts! You read it right! It’s 12 wonderful, fun-filled days of beautiful Christmas crafts/decorations etc.

Ok, truth be told I’ve been Christmas Crafting since October 31st. Remember the Christmas Lantern made from Dollar Tree finds? Oh, you haven’t’ seen it yet? Well, start there then come back! I also did an Anthropologie Jingle Bell Wreath Knock Off DIY too. I almost feel like I am way ahead of the game this year. Anways let’s get this 12 Days of Christmas Crafts started, shall we?

12 Days of Christmas Crafts

12 Days of Christmas Crafts

Cupcake Christmas Ornament – Crafting with Kids. This is a super easy but a little messy craft. I suggest that you cover your work area for this craft. All the items (with the exception of the chaulking) were bought at that Dollar Tree which, makes this a great Dollar Store Crafting craft as well.

Items Needed: Shop at Dollar Tree

1 Sleeve Ornaments (The one I grabbed had 12)
1 Package of Pom-Poms
Small Cupcake Wrappers
Glitter or small beads
Glue Gun
Scrap Paper or Paper Plate
Chaulking (cheapest but make sure it’s white) or Elmers Glue

Cupcake Christmas Ornament Supplies -12 Days of Christmas Crafts


Using your glue gun glue a cupcake wrapper to the bottoms of each ornament. Apply either the glue or chaulking thickly (this will give it an illusion of real icing) to the upper area of the ornament and down the sides a little. You can cover the ornament hanger but make sure you leave the little hole uncovered. That way you can attach the hanger later. Sprinkle glitter on top, add a red pom-pom and set aside to dry.

Cupcake Christmas Ornament -12 Days of Christmas Crafts

When they are dried, add the hanger and hang on the tree. You can also attach these to a strand of yarn and use them as garland for the mantle.

Cupcake Christmas Ornament -12 Days of Christmas Crafts Kaydens

This was a super fun craft for Kayden, I placed some chaulking on the plate and let her use a spoon to apply the icing. She thought she was a cake decorator. At one point she got frustrated because the icing wasn’t smooth enough. I believe she’s going to be a perfectionist like her mom and grandma.

Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas Crafts done.

I’ve got some really great crafts planned so if you haven’t already followed me on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter it’s a great time to do so. Just search DebbiesMusings or click on the links to the right and follow me. This is going to be fun!


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